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How to Think Positively

How to Think Positively

Having the freedom to be your own boss and the accomplishment of owning a business is deeply fulfilling for many people. Yet the reality is that for many business owners, the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial life can lead to a negative state of mind and even depression. Could asking yourself the right questions each day help you focus your thoughts and be the key to learning how to think positively so you can have a positive mindset and experience peak performance?

As Dean Yeong notes in the article 4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Every Morning on Addicted2Success, mastering your thoughts can help you focus on the right things:

“The best way to stay at the peak state is by mastering our thoughts. But, what’s thought? Most people never realize it but everything that appears and runs around in our mind is simply the answer to the questions we’re asking ourselves. Let’s say when you’re telling me you’re feeling excited right now, what just happened in your subconscious mind? You’re asking yourself – “What am I feeling excited about?” And the answer is what delivered the intense emotion of excitement to make you believe that you’re indeed feeling excited. But what if your mind keeps asking questions like “Why am I feeling upset?” or “Why am I not successful”? Your mind will automatically seek for those answers to prove them right too. That’s why most people are living in a devastating state, feeling that everything in this world is against them.”

Instead of focusing on negative questions, reframe your mindset with positive questions. Think about what’s making you happy, what you’ve accomplished, what you’re grateful for and what future plans are motivating you. When your resolve is flagging or you’re having trouble focusing, remembering what you’ve accomplished and why you’re working so hard can get you back in the right frame of mind for major accomplishments.


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