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How to Write for Your Small Business Blog

Small Business Content

One of the biggest obstacles business owners face when starting a small business blog is knowing what to write about. Producing great content can increase your business’ visibility, help potential customers find you online and build relationships with your readers. But it all starts with a list of content ideas that will appeal to your readers.

There are online tools that can help you get started if you have target keywords or a general niche in mind. When you put your topics into tools such as HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, you’ll get a starting list of ideas to play with. As copywriter Chelsea Baldwin recommends on Duct Tape Marketing, it’s important to write content that’s going to keep your readers coming back for more:

“This second [SEO] algorithm is about engagement. Which is why it’s so important to write about what people want to know… because if you give that to them, they’re much more likely to stick around and interact with you more—boosting both your sales and your SEO scores.”

For example, if your company is a salon offering beauty services, it’s important to develop a range of different content. You might start with keywords around your key services like “hair color” and “massages.” After running these terms through various online tools, you can create tutorials, trends pieces and other content for your small business blog that your customers are hungry to read.


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