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[Infographic] U.S. Small Business Data: Which City Is Best For Funding?

Ever wonder where capital flows to small businesses in the U.S? This heat map should give you a pretty good idea! New, exclusive Kabbage data also pinpoints the 10 metros with the most dollars rushing in per small business. Click on the image to enlarge.

1. Atlanta
2. DC Metropolitan Area
3. Greater Los Angeles
4. Greater Seattle
5. NYC
6. St. Louis
7. Chicago
8. Tallahasee
9. Detroit 

10. Bay Area

Considering all the economic challenges in Detroit, we’re thrilled it’s #9 on our list. Our mission here at Kabbage is to help small business grow wherever they may be. Whether they are in Alaska or Alabama, SMBs are getting a big influx of capital from Kabbage. This small business data is proof that these companies are a vibrant and growing sector of our U.S. economy.