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Kabbage’s Commitment to Wellness

As part of our core value of Caring Deeply, Kabbage has created a comprehensive program to incorporate wellness into their Kabbage experience. From offering company-sponsored fitness classes to having health equipment and supplies onsite, our goal is to make it easy for team members to be active and healthy.

Our company-sponsored wellness initiatives range from CPR training to hosting an annual flu shot clinic. In addition to these yearly events, we also are committed to wellness on a day-to-day basis. We serve hot lunches and a fully stocked salad bar every day to keep our team members fueled. Plus, we have healthy snacks dispersed throughout our office to make it easy for our team members to grab a piece of fruit or granola bar when they are in need of some energy.

We know eating healthy isn’t always easy, so we also work with a nutritionist who hosts tutorials to help our team members understand how to eat healthy and properly fuel their bodies for work and exercise. In addition to onsite advice, wellness tracking is a part of our benefits program, enabling us to host fitness challenges to encourage team members to stay active and on track with their personal goals.

At Kabbage, there is a different onsite fitness classes every day. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, our team members can participate in lunchtime yoga. For those looking for a higher intensity workout, we also have boot camp on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. In addition, team members have taken the initiative to start their own fitness groups, like our run club that facilitiates weekly runs through Midtown.

For those looking to try out different workout classes or workout studios in Atlanta, we coordinate a company fitness class at local studios every other month, including barre, bounce, indoor cycling and kickboxing classes for our team members. It’s a great way to energize our workforce and for our people to be active with fellow Kabbagers during the workday.

Kabbage also sponsors sports clubs captained by our team members, ranging from kickball to softball. Since team members can’t always dedicate the time required to step away from a full class, we have treadmills and fitness bikes onsite that encourage activity in shorter – or longer! – increments throughout the day

As a complement to our fitness classes, we have incporated relaxation and mindfulness into our wellness offerings. Whether that means sitting in a massage chair for a few minutes or taking part in bi-weekly meditation classes, we are dedicated to giving our team members the opportunity to take a break and reset as needed.

Finally, one of our favorite ways to promote wellness is to provide ways for our team members to give back to the community. We established a program specifically geared towards corporate volunteering so our team members can take time during the workday to give back. Between monthly events and our bi-yearly, company-wide volunteer activity with Camp Twin Lakes, we believe that doing something good for others is one of the best ways to incorporate wellness into our team members’ everyday lives.

We truly believe healthy employees are the happiest and most productive. By focusing holistically on each employee’s success – from their career growth to their personal wellness goals – we create the best working environment to sustain our teams and drive the best results.

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