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Kabbage Head Interview: Deepesh Jain

Kabbage spoke with Kabbage Head of Capital Markets, Deepesh Jain, on leadership lessons, management advice, work-life balance and employment growth. Here’s what he had to say. 

What is one of the most notable leadership lessons you have learned in your role?

Sometimes, it is better to make a tough decision and cut your losses instead of hoping for a positive result at the end and continuing down the path when there are signs and evidence of an unfavorable outcome.

How have you worked towards achieving work-life balance as an executive?

With technology and connectivity available conveniently at your finger tips at all times, it is very difficult to separate work and life.  In my opinion, if you enjoy what you do and your workplace allows the flexibility and a fun environment to work in, all of which are true in the case of Kabbage, I really don’t have to try to maintain any balance – the two blend in very nicely.

What advice do you have for employees looking to move into management?

Understand the difference between management and leadership – they are often interchangeably used which is not correct.  Do you want to manage people and projects or do you want to demonstrate leadership? There are plenty of ways to make a difference to the organization by being a thought leader rather than managing people or projects.  That said, if you are truly interested in a management role, get a better understanding of the role and talk to others who are in such roles before making a decision. Ask yourself some questions – do you think broadly outside of your immediate role, can you take full accountability of your team and projects both when things go well and when they don’t, are you compassionate towards others, can you prioritize for yourself and others, are you an effective communicator in both directions of the management chain?  This will help you prepare better for being a successful manager.

In what ways do you see Kabbage, and your role, growing in the future?

This is a very exciting time to be at Kabbage.  With the latest equity announcement, Kabbage has a very bright future ahead of us.  From expanding domestic lending to different products to accelerating our SaaS platform business to exploring strategic opportunities in non-lending areas, there are tremendous number of growth opportunities both for Kabbage as well as all its employees.  I am excited to be part of this journey and to be able to do a variety of different things as we continue on our innovation journey.

Which Kabbage core value is your favorite, and why?

Stay Connected – Coming from bigger institutions, I was used to a lack of connectedness. Whether it was working in silos or lack of transparency or inadequate communication at all levels, it wasn’t uncommon to see this being one of the top concerns of employees expressed through periodic feedback surveys. A lack of connectedness  prevents employees from developing a sense of belonging to the organization and creates a lack of trust between the employer and the employees.  This further leads to lower productivity, higher turnover and greater employee dissatisfaction, all ultimately degrading the health of the company.  When I joined Kabbage, I was amazed to see how this concept of staying connected was embraced in different forms at every level at Kabbage – from interviews to townhalls to team meetings to 1 on 1s. It was refreshing to see how this core value was embedded into the culture of Kabbage!

What tips would you share with candidates applying for a position at Kabbage?

Be genuine, enjoy working in teams and break the silos, take pride in your work, be ready to innovate, challenge and be challenged, think outside the box and finally know how to have fun while working.

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