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Kabbage Kares: PAWS Atlanta

Kabbage Kares Paws Atlanta

I spent my morning volunteering at PAWS Atlanta with a few of my super Kabbage colleagues. What an amazing experience! We helped put gates on dog homes, we walked some of the dogs, and we played with the cats! Every animal there was absolutely precious, and I could tell they were all loved. PAWS Atlanta is a truly no-kill shelter; they treat parvo and ringworm and other high risk diseases while other shelters do not. Every staff member I met was genuine, and I could tell each one truly cared for the animals and the center. PAWS accepts dog and cat rescues from high-kill shelters as well as surrenders.

One story that really touched my heart came from Phillip, our incredibly cool tour guide for the day and the shelter manager. He said the hardest part of his job is watching any time an owner comes to surrender a dog. The dog will watch its owner leave through the intake gate, and continue to watch the same spot in that gate for several weeks. All I could think about while he was telling us this story was my own dog, Bailey, and how broken her heart would be if I ever surrendered her.

This year is PAWS’ 50th Anniversary! A donor has generously committed to match every dollar we give through August 1st, up to $50,000! PAWS is non-profit, and depends on our community to support the animals there. And if you are looking for the perfect furry companion, PAWS has so many to offer!!! Come check them out, bond with them by taking them on a walk through the dog trail, and go to the off-leash section full of obstacles for you both to enjoy! Seriously, check them out! And bring your kids to the summer camp program they offer!