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Kabbage Named One of Entrepreneur’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America

At Kabbage, we work hard to create something unique for our customers. It requires empathy, and endeavoring to truly understand what it takes to be a small business owner. Last month, we learned more about the sacrifices, hustle and motivation that link all small business owners together across all industries. The results emphasized how precious time is among small business owners: time with family, time to improve skills, time with customers and time off.

Today, Kabbage was recognized as one of Entrepreneur’s Best Entrepreneurial Companies in America, ranking #59 in the Entrepreneur 360. We’re grateful for the recognition which is judged on the merits of leadership, innovation, growth and impact. Impact is important. It’s a question we ask ourselves constantly: “How do we continue to have a meaningful impact on our customers?” We encourage all businesses to do the same. Great success comes to those that challenge themselves to constantly improve. In result, Kabbage has had an impact by giving customers financial opportunity they were unable to receive elsewhere and providing small business owners more time to grow.

It’s thanks to our fully-automated and data-driven lending platform, allowing small businesses to access lines of credit up to $150,000 in under ten minutes. We provide them the capital they need to grow, when they need it, saving them time to focus on their passion and business instead of paperwork and banking. Today, Kabbage has the largest customer base in the small business online lending space, we’ve funded more than $4 billion to over 130,000 small businesses.

In 2017, Kabbage also was awarded:

We’re proud of what we’ve achieved and what’s ahead, as well as thankful for and humbled by the recognition that has come with it.

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