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Kabbage SMB Customers Now Linked over One Million Data Sources 

At Kabbage, delivering a seamless, straightforward user experience with best-in-class customer service is a core part of our mission. That is why we’re thrilled to share today that Kabbage customers have now linked over one million business data sources to the Kabbage Platform! 
Securely linking a Kabbage account to these key data sources – from business revenue, to vendor payments, to tax and accounting data – provides Kabbage with unparalleled insights that help us better serve our customers, while offering a truly automated funding experience to help them grow.
Here’s what a few of our customers had to say: 
“Kabbage’s approach to looking at my information that already exists online makes so much sense,” said Shauna Sledge, founder of Paleo Ranch. “Navigating the website was incredibly simple. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to connect my bank account. I entered in my information once, and boom – I was granted access to a line of credit. I had to pinch myself!”
“The ease of the application process was astounding,” said Kevin Pereira, owner of the Wet Shave Club. “I was able to link all of my bank information and avoid the hassle of tracking down financial statements and scanning in documents. Kabbage reviewed our accounts and were able to look past how new we were to see our potential and how we were growing. They gave us a business loan right away.”
“Traditional banks really wouldn’t listen to what I had to say since I didn’t fit a traditional business mold. We had an upward trajectory, but looking at previous tax returns didn’t provide an accurate picture of our potential,” said Cristina Garza, owner of Accountingprose. “Kabbage was really straightforward and open-minded in reviewing my business. They considered the future of my business rather than just looking at the past.”
Thank you to our more than 75,000 customers for helping us reach this fantastic milestone, and making us a part of your business journey!
For more, please read our press release.

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