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Kabbage’s New Instagram Initiative

Kabbage New IG

Instagram is often thought of as a platform for celebrities, bloggers, and millennials. So where does Kabbage, a financial technology company, fit in? By putting our money where our mouth is, literally. We are excited to unveil a new direction for our Instagram page.


Kabbage’s New Instagram Initiative

Week in the Life

 Our new Instagram campaign, Week in the Life, gives us a week-long glimpse into the work life of a Kabbage employee, as they let us in on the small business products they can’t live without at the office. We’ll share some of our favorite small business swaps – items you may typically get from the big guys – to show how easy it is to purchase from the smaller guys.

These items are purchased by us, used by us, and photographed by us in our office.

Alongside these week-long features, we’ll share other tidbits – whether it’s a local pizzeria we ordered from for an office pizza party, an inspiring quote, or quick tips for running your small business. Our #1 goal is supporting small businesses, which is why we want to grow our Instagram profile to provide another source of information and inspiration for small business owners.


Want to be featured?

If you’re a small business, we’d love to feature you! This is open to all small businesses. You do not need to be a Kabbage customer or sponsor us – everything we feature is purchased by us. Email:



Kabbage Team

Kabbage is here not only to provide access to the small business funding you need, but to also help you grow your business through free marketing tips, webinars, tools and more. Is there something you'd like us to cover or want to get your small business featured on our blog? Send us a note at