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Klaviyo Debuts to Help eCommerce Shops Send Better Emails


It seems like there are hundreds of digital tools to support running a business. From social media analytics to project management to expense reporting and email marketing, it’s difficult to know which solutions will work best for your company.

Email marketing technology is becoming more complex

Email marketing technology has become especially complicated in the past few years. Some programs are solely focused on acquisition, others on customer analytics and even more on validation or deliverability. Even with all of these options, most email marketers face the same core problem – growing their subscriber lists.

Klaviyo creates e-marketing tools for ecommerce businesses

Klaviyo is a company that just raised $1.5 million to bring marketing automation and personalization to ecommerce companies. The product is designed for marketers and integrates ecommerce platforms, customer service platforms, CRM and sales data to build profiles on individual users. Through this data, the business can understand their consumers’ purchasing behaviors.

Usually it’s up to engineering teams to bring together email, ecommerce and CRM. Klaviyo automates the process and pulls all of these separate products into a single dashboard, making it easy to use. Marketers can test ideas, act on customer behavior and analyze their data to make better decisions moving forward.

According to Ed Hallen, Klaivyo’s co-founder, the ultimate goal for the company is to combine their customer data with the media and assets ecommerce stores have on file to “do true personalization”.

Alternative email marketing solutions work for all businesses

Klaviyo is an upstart company while MailChimp is the go-to email-marketing tool for thousands of businesses. It’s considered the market leader. MailChimp is easy to set up and competitively priced. Tracking options let you see which messages were opened and links that were clicked.  MailChimp’s options for campaigns consist of HTML emails with a plain text alternative, A/B tests to see which emails are most effective, or RSS-driven campaigns where you can send content from an RSS feed.

MailChimp offers 13 basic layout options and over 300 email templates. You can also edit existing templates or design your own. If you try out the product and aren’t sure you want to continue, you can temporarily pause your account and billing.

Their solutions are easy to use and well designed, with analytics that makes sense for businesses just starting email marketing like basic opens, bounce rates, click-through rates and others. PC Magazine voted it Editors’ Choice, and the company has won numerous other awards.

It will be interesting to see how tailored solutions, like Klaviyo for ecommerce companies, compare to entrenched players like MailChimp that work for all types of businesses. Only time will tell which company will win out.

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