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LinkedIn Boosts Recruiting Platform To Help Businesses Hire The Best Talent

LinkedIn Boosts Recruiting Platform To Help Businesses Hire The Best Talent


LinkedIn debuted their new tools to help recruiters source and hire employees at Talent Connect, the company’s first talent acquisition conference.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter?

LinkedIn recruitment tools are especially useful for small businesses, since these companies usually don’t have name recognition or large recruiting budgets. Their platform boasts 300 million members and offerings are low cost to meet the needs of different types of businesses.

Finding the Right Candidate

LinkedIn Recruiter makes sifting through prospective candidates easier than ever. Queries can be run on LinkedIn users based on specific traits, job titles or similar profiles. You can then filter based on job title, location, skills, previous employers, schools and other keywords.

One of their new features is called Spotlights and lets you narrow in on candidates that already have connections to your company, such as friends who work there or past engagement with the brand. You can also target users who already applied to your company. LinkedIn representatives will work with you to optimize your Spotlight filters.

These tools help companies hone in on the precise qualities they’re looking for in a candidate to ensure they make the best possible hire.

Leveraging Employee Referrals with LinkedIn

Hiring and retaining the right candidates is challenging. But data has shown that employee referrals are an effective technique because current employees refer people “who are similar to themselves in terms of skills and culture fit”.

LinkedIn Referrals is integrated with your company’s applicant tracking system and imports all job openings, even if they’re not posted on LinkedIn. When your employees log in to the site using their LinkedIn accounts, they can view open positions at the company as well as suggested candidates that LinkedIn recommends from that person’s network. That recommendation algorithm is continuously improving to make these suggestions better.

If there is a fit, employees may notify their connection via InMail, LinkedIn’s emailing service, copy the job description and send it via email, or send an email through LinkedIn Referrals service.

There are also features to keep your employees looped into the process. They can track the status of their referrals and follow a leaderboard, which ranks the number of and success of all employee referrals.

LinkedIn Referrals costs between $10 and $12 per employee and will be available on November 1.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use LinkedIn For Candidate Sourcing

LinkedIn provides tailored recommendations for small businesses to help them find, hire and retain the best candidates:

  1. Understand the Talent Pool

Run searches on LinkedIn to learn more about the size and makeup of your desired target pool.

  1. Master Search

Use LinkedIn Recruiter and keyword search techniques to narrow in on your target candidates. For example, if you include quotation marks, “Not”, “And” “Or” and parentheses, it can impact your ability to find the right people – it’s important that you know how to take advantage of the platform’s search functionality.

  1. Leverage LinkedIn Features to Draw Candidates to Your Company

Tap into your own LinkedIn network, join LinkedIn groups, create an engaging profile and empower your employees to use their own networks in order to recruit candidates.

  1. Build your Talent Pipeline

Tag candidates, use to-do lists, save searches and use “update me” so that you are alerted when a candidate’s job status changes.

  1. Measure your Performance

LinkedIn provides its own metrics to judge your performance, including profiles viewed, searches performed, InMails sent and InMail response rate. Outside of LinkedIn, industry metrics for hiring tend to include the quality of hire, source of hire, time to hire and cost per hire. LinkedIn augments these benchmarks to help you source the best talent.

LinkedIn is changing how companies source and hire employees. While the system may take some getting used to, there’s no denying that it has the potential help small businesses.

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