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Small Business Week 2017

Lori Greiner: Is it a ‘Hero or a Zero’?

Kabbage asked me to share some advice on how you can tell instantly if a product is a hero or zero. People are always asking how I know. There are several key components that help you know if your product or idea has the potential of being a hero. But, truthfully, I do think there is a gut instinct about it as well.

If you don’t naturally have the gut instinct, here are some of the key components that can help you know. If you can check off 8 or more of these, then you might be on your way to the next ‘Hero’!

1.      It serves a function

2.      It solves problem

3.      It is unique

4.      People want or need it

5.      You can sell it at a reasonable price

6.      It has a broad mass appeal

7.      There is not a lot of competition

8.      You can explain it in a few short sentences

9.      You have a patent

10.    It appeals to a wide age range

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