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Optimizing Your BigCommerce Site

Bigcommerce is a comprehensive SaaS for online retailers and merchants that enables them to manage their ecommerce online. With capabilities such as multi-channel retailing, automated email marketing, and inventory control, it is rapidly increasing in popularity. Bigcommerce has even launched an application for merchants to list inventory on Facebook. If you have experience optimizing your Bigcommerce site, you know that there is literally an infinite number of ways to customize it. Check out their Knowledge Base for some helpful how-to guides.

The following tips are designed to help you with optimizing your Bigcommerce site to give you the best chance of drawing traffic to your online store and to convert site visitors into paying customers.

Speed Up Your Bigcommerce Site
The speed of your site affects you as a site owner as well as your site visitors. Site abandonment increases with page load times. Slow page load times ultimately translate into lost sales. Thus, configuring certain aspects of your site can become very important. For example, placing your JavaScript code for your site in an external .js file can save substantial bandwidth and lead to quicker page load time. Often, it’s well worth the investment to hire a seasoned Bigcommerce expert to review your site to find ways to optimize your site for speed.

Use Google’s Guidelines for Optimizing Your Bigcommerce Site
Google provides some good recommendations for improving rankings on their search engine. Above all else, they suggest making pages primarily for site visitors and not for search engines. It has become increasingly difficult to deceive search engines, too. So, your site should contain a clear hierarchy and text links, and each and every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

Create a Site Map
A sitemap which lists the pages of your website enables search engines and users alike to navigate through your website. Typically XML sitemaps are used for search engines as a reference, and HTML sitemaps are for users. Bigcommerce creates a site map and updates it as your store changes. Don’t forget to submit your sitemap to Google, too!

Incorporate Keywords
Keywords are necessary for your site to interact with search engines. Search engines measure the way keywords are utilized on your site’s pages to determine the relevance of content or queries. Amongst the best ways to optimize your Bigcommerce site is to weave relevant keywords throughout your titles, text and meta data. Google provides an easy-to-use, helpful keyword tool to determine the best keywords for your site.

Don’t Forget about On-Page Optimization
And now a little more about keywords. First, keywords should be used in your title tag, and as close to the beginning of your title tag as possible. Then, they should be incorporated into your content two to three times throughout each page. Keywords should also be used within the URL and in the meta description tag.

Keep Adding Content
Content is your number one way to optimize your Bigcommerce site. It’s what search engines use to evaluate the value of your website and it’s what your customers will read to determine whether or not they want to buy what you’re selling. Search engines reward sites that regularly update content. Remember content is much more than just your product descriptions. It includes photos, blogs, videos, community forums, reviews, endorsements, testimonials, events, data sheets, webinars, news, articles, and more. Many content experts recommend developing content for four unique purposes: to entertain, to inspire, to educate, and to convince.

Optimizing your Bigcommerce site and keeping it updated along with the many other tasks that you must tackle as an online business owner requires both time and money. When money is in short supply, it may make sense to obtain working capital to help you grow your business. Banks, credit cards, and family loans are all options. A new source of financing that is becoming increasingly popular with online businesses is Kabbage. In minutes, you can receive the working capital you need to grow your business.