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Our 10 Favorite Trucker Pets of Instagram

Our 10 Favorite Trucker Pets of Instagram

Trucking appeals to adventurous people and the pets that love them. We wanted to give a shout out to our 10 favorite trucker pets of Instagram and pay tribute to the hard working transportation professionals who own them.

Truckers and #TruckerPets: Built for the Long Haul

Why do pets love a good long haul? Many pets can’t wait for their next road trip. Tripswithpets.com provides some insight into why:

  • They are curious, natural hunters who love adventures
  • So many smells, so little time!
  • New sights to see and new people to meet
  • They love staying close to the leader of their pack

A love of adventure is only one reason that pets and truckers make for natural pairings. Pet ownership has also been linked to significant health benefits, from improving heart health to reducing allergies. Animal Planet provided a list of several health benefits pet owners enjoy, including these four:

  1. Breaking the Ice

Many people who are afraid to talk to strangers have no problem meeting their pets. Truckers who take pets along on the road have built-in ice breakers to make personal connections and start conversations.

  1. Lower Risk of Heart Attack

Both the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) have published studies finding that pet owners have decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, all of which can minimize risk of heart attack.

  1. Built-In Personal Trainers

Truckers with pets have added incentive to take breaks and long walks; their pets need exercise so they get some, too!

  1. Emotional Advantages

Pets are loving companions. They offer unconditional acceptance and they’re always (and often ecstatically) happy to see their owners, even if they’ve only been apart a few minutes. On the road, pets help stave off the blues, prevent loneliness and provide the love and antics that provide instant joy and happiness for their owners.

Without further ado, here are our 10 favorite trucker pets of Instagram. You can find your own favorites using hashtags like #truckerpets, #truckerpup and #truckercat.

10 Favorite Trucker Pets of Instagram


Gorgeous Maltese All Ready to Roll


trucking pets








Margaritaville Girl snapped this shot of her gorgeous Maltese, Jake, who simply can’t wait to get on the road again. Sunshine, rain, sleet or snow, Jake is ready to go – and has the outfit to match!


All a Woman Needs is Her Dog and Her Truck


trucker pets








Grover’s mom, @0hs0ob3autifu1, has no shortage of shots of this road-lovin’ pooch – and he clearly loves being a pup on the open roads. She may catch him sleeping on the job from time to time, but what he lacks in job motivation, he makes up for in non-stop snuggles.


Reigning Cats and Dogs


Instagram truckers







Instagram trucking


Celadon Trucking gets a double entry in our list of favorite Trucker Pets of Instagram. First, meet Tiggy, the third member of the Celadon Expedited Team led by Bill and Lynn Mickles, and just to show they are an equal transportation company with a great pet policy for drivers, you should also meet Lucky who co-pilots when their driver Roy Price is at the wheel.


The Perfect Trucker Pet Selfie


trucker pets








Veronica and Lola show us how truckers and their pets get selfies done. When Lola isn’t posing with her mom, she’s lounging on the fiercest zebra-print dog bed you’ve ever seen.


Meet Xena, Possibly the Cutest Trucker Pup Ever


trucking pets









Xena is still less than 6 months old and rides right alongside her driver Soule Photography. If you need a daily dose of cute, head over to their Instagram page, where you’re sure to be greeted with a picture of her adorable puppy belly.


Small Dogs, Big Personalities


trucker dogs

Sophie & Flea







Sophie and Flea have such big personalities, that they each need their own Instagram accounts! These tiny adventurers have left their wee prints all over the states, as they’ve frolicked in the forest, taken in the open waters and adventured in leaf-strewn fields. If this is a dog’s life, sign us up!


Along for the Ride


Trucking pets








Trucker wife Kassidy rides co-pilot from time to time along with their dog Ella, who they have named “the wild hair trucker pup;” how apropos!


Dash Cats


trucker cats

Hootie & Beanie

trucker pets








A Tale of Two Kittys (though the family appears to have expanded to three!) chronicles adorable antics of some of the cutest trucker cats you’ve ever seen. These traveling felines are the proud owners of L J Lowery, who chronicles his life on the road, and features even more pictures of his adorable furry friends.


Snoozin’ Pooches


trucker dogs

Abbey & Tyson







Whether on the road, or at home, these two are happy so long as they’re snoozing by their mom, The Crafty Trucker.


Double Win for the Simple Wizard and Instafamous Shamus


Trucker dogs








Truck driver Simple Wizard wins in two categories, with a trucker pup who enjoys his own social fame as Instafamous Shamus, and as the truck driver with the best look for no-shave-ember we’ve seen so far this year!

Pets make great travel companions. They won’t criticize your driving or tell you that you should have taken a different route. Trucker pets may even be the most spoiled of all, since they get hours of quality time with their favorite people!

Have you captured photos of cute pets on road trips? We’d love to see them! Tweet a link to your photos to @KabbageInc or leave them in the comments below.