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5 Side Hustlers Share How & Why They Hustle ✊

5 Side Hustlers Share How & Why They Hustle

Happy Small Business Week to all of the awesome entrepreneurs out there! This week, we wanted to hear from small business owners like you about running a small business. We spoke with five entrepreneurs who work full-time while also running a side hustle. They offer their inspiration and insights to getting started. Name: Lyle Christensen… Read more


Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: A 10,000+ Word Guide On Investing in Technology

Check out this tech guide to see how you can invest in technology for small businesses.

Welcome to Kabbage’s in-depth technology guide! This guide is approximately 10,000 words (or roughly 30 pages) and contains the information you need on why technology matters, tools for your small business, how to invest in technologies and more. Fortunately, we’ve broken it up into five chapters: Why technology matters Tools and apps you need Technologies… Read more

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Kabbage Hack Day Sparks Creation, Innovation, and Teamwork

A well-managed company culture isn’t a given. It takes time and persistence to build upon the business’s core principles, values, mission and purpose. At Kabbage, everything we do is measured against our core values: Care deeply Inspire innovation Win Create “Holy s**t!” moments Unconditional commitment Stay connected A prime example is our annual Hack Day… Read more

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How to Improve the Readability of Your Blog Posts — and 6 Tools to Help

How to Improve the Readability of Your Blog Posts, and 6 Tools to Help

It’s not enough to regularly update your blog. That’s a good first step for your small business, but it’s also necessary to make sure each post is easily readable. So, what does that mean exactly? Think of readability as a measure of how easy it is for people of all knowledge levels to understand what… Read more

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Why Online Business Listings are Critical for Home Builders

Why Online Business Listings are Critical for Home Builders

Your business information is everywhere on the internet. Whether you like it or not — and no matter if this info is correct or riddled with errors — you will find listings for your company on search engines, mobile apps, social media sites and dozens of local directories. It’s pretty easy to see why these… Read more

Health & Beauty

7 Marketing Tactics to Bring More Business to Your Salon

Customer attrition rates at salons are some of the highest for small businesses. If you keep relying on your regulars to keep your salon afloat, you might go out of business. You need customers to keep coming through your door, and to make that happen, you have to kick your marketing strategy up a notch…. Read more

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Mobile Lending On The Rise Among Small Business Owners

Mobile lending is on the rise for small businesses.

Kabbage recently analyzed the lending behavior of nearly 150,000 small businesses, uncovering an increasing growth of mobile lending. The total number of loans accessed through mobile increased by more than 360 percent between April 2014 and February 2018. In the same period, the total dollars accessed through mobile increased over 1,220 percent. The growth demonstrates… Read more

Company Culture

4 Ways Small Businesses Benefit from Responsible Waste Management

4 ways small businesses can benefit from waste management.

“It’s the right thing to do” may not hold much weight for a small business owner who is trying to cover payroll, pay a building lease and turn a profit. But there’s more to reducing, reusing and recycling than just feeling warm and fuzzy about your environmental choices. Here are four advantages that businesses, particularly… Read more

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How to Start a Small Business with No Money to Invest

How to start a small business with no money to invest.

Starting a business in 2018 with no money is 100 percent doable. In fact, you’ll have an easier time today than Google, Apple, Disney, Mattel and Harley Davidson had when they were started in garages decades ago. Why? Because never before has it been so cheap and easy to go from idea to startup, build… Read more

Finance & Accounting, Financial Management

3 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Small Business Payment Processing

Payment processing, especially for small businesses, can be a costly and complicated experience. In today’s market, accepting credit cards and mobile payments is essentially a requirement to be able to compete. But a lot of small business owners don’t even know where to start. A simple Google search might reveal that your bank offers merchant… Read more