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PicMonkey: Your Insanely Simple Alternative to Photoshop

PicMonkey: Your Insanely Simple Alternative to Photoshop

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use photo editor to add pizzazz to your images, PicMonkey is the answer. This powerful photo editor is web-based, so there’s nothing to download or install, and it’s perfect for the novice – you don’t need any design experience to create great-looking, professional images with this alternative to Photoshop.

They offer a free version that gives you an extensive selection of basic editing tools, or you can sign up for the premium version and get even more features. The premium options are marked with a crown icon.

Here’s an overview of just a few of PicMonkey’s useful features and capabilities that you can use to bring your images to life.

The Basics

PicMonkey is intuitive and simple to use. To begin editing, just upload an image from your computer to the PicMonkey site and choose from the many options in the menu bar on the left-side of the screen. The basic editing tools include crop, canvas color, rotate, exposure, sharpen and resize. Each of the edit categories gives you control with slider bars, color choices and other options, depending upon the tool.

Adding Text

Adding text to images is quick and easy with PicMonkey. You have many fonts to pick from, ranging from standard professional looks to over-the-top display choices. You can change the text color and intensity and manipulate the size and angle, too.

Picture Perfect

The Touch Up option offers many ways to perfect and enhance a photo: cover up blemishes, minimize scars, erase wrinkles and take out the shine, for starters. Spruce up your looks even more with tools to add a spray tan, whiten teeth, add makeup such as lip color and eyeliner and place highlights. Other options to explore include Weight Loss and Nip Tuck to get just the right look.


Transform your photos with overlays and stickers. PicMonkey offers many preset choices, such as geometrics, symbols, stars, comic bubbles, arrows and banners, or you can upload your own. You can also add any number of accessories, like moustaches and sunglasses.

You can use other pictures as overlays, too. The overlay eraser tool allows you to overlay and combine photos, and you can erase parts of an image so it blends with another one.

The Overlay section is where you can add your logo to your photo.

Texturize It

Choose from PicMonkey’s collection of textures to apply to your photo: water, clouds, space, papyrus, weave – the list is extensive. Texture editing options include saturation level, fade and many blending modes to choose from.


Easily change a photo by adding special effects such as black and white, radiance or sepia tones. Each effect features a slider to control intensity, fade and other aspects for the different effects.

Dress up your photos during the holidays, or any time of year, with PicMonkey’s seasonal effects and fonts for holidays such as Halloween (think zombies, witches and vampires) and Valentine’s Day (lots of hearts and romance-themed effects).

Advanced options in the effects section include powerful tools like clone and curves.


PicMonkey has a collection of frames to choose from once you’re done editing. A few of the options include rounded corners, photo corners, drop shadow or simple edge – test them out to find the perfect look. You can also change the frame’s color and thickness, plus add space for a caption.

Create a Collage

PicMonkey makes it easy to create collages, which are great for creating Facebook covers or holiday cards. This feature allows you to combine and arrange your images in different sizes and shapes, offering preset layouts for Pinterest, Etsy and Facebook. You can resize your collage once it’s created, too.

And when you’re done creating, PicMonkey makes it easy to share your photos.

Are you a fan of PicMonkey? Share your favorite tools or feature in the comments below.


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