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Pinterest Announces New “Buy Now” Button to Make Ecommerce a Reality


We reported last month that Pinterest is making it easier for small businesses to post content on the platform and track user engagement. Now they’re taking it a step further with Buyable Pins, a click-to-purchase feature for Pinned items. They’re working with Braintree, Stripe and Apple Pay to power payments for the new ecommerce channel.

How Buyable Pins Works

A Pin with a blue price means that the item can be purchased. Buyable Pins will include more than 2 million items on iPhone and iPad when it debuts at the end of this month.

So far, Pinterest has announced larger launch partners like Macy’s, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. They’re also working with Demandware, an enterprise ecommerce platform that supports companies like Michael’s and Cole Hann.

Pinterest detailed a relationship with Shopify, which should be especially beneficial to small businesses. Thousands of independent business owners use Shopify to power their ecommerce experiences. By working together, users gain access to a new and potentially lucrative sales channel – because Pinterest’s user-base is overwhelmingly female, and women typically make the majority of purchasing decisions in households, businesses that sell using Buyable Pins may generate significant revenue.

To enable Buyable Pins, users can log in to their Shopify accounts and add the Pinterest channel. Demandware users should contact their customer success manager to learn more about integration. Braintree and Stripe will handle payments and customers can also pay using Apple Pay.

Optimized for Mobile Shopping

The experience is optimized for shopping on mobile devices, which has shown a lot of promise for small businesses but also posed challenges. For example, businesses have had trouble engaging users on mobile because their experiences are optimized for web. Google just announced that the company will prioritize mobile search results for websites that meet certain mobile design criteria. Pinterest solves this problem for vendors because they’re adding a buy button to a product that’s already proven it can engage users on mobile.

Pinterest doesn’t take a cut of sales, so they’ll likely charge outright for the service directly or through their partners. If you’re interested in learning about future integration opportunities, sign up for Pinterest’s waitlist.