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Save Time and Frustration with Employee Scheduling with This Free Tool


WhenIWork is a robust scheduling, time clock, and communication tool built to serve the needs of small businesses. With a worldwide base of over 3,000 small business customers managing half a million workers in 50 countries, it seems to be doing exactly that.

One of the problems with scheduling software for small businesses is the “scale gap.” For very small shops, post-it notes and Excel work just fine for tracking attendance and making payroll. Large companies have a host of high-end, complex programs with so many bells and whistles you need a dedicated employee just to understand and use them.

This leaves small-to-medium businesses, those with enough employees to need software but not enough to justify such a complex and expensive engine, out in the cold. WhenIWork fits comfortably in that niche to save small business owners time, frustration and money.

WhenIWork’s interface will be familiar to anybody who has browsed the web, using tabs-at-the top spread for its five main features:

  • Dashboard – instant, simplified access to all the key metrics you need to avoid unpleasant scheduling surprises
  • Scheduler – built with the best features of a spreadsheet and a shared calendar, to make scheduling as visual and intuitive as possible
  • Attendance – tracks performance and compliance while simultaneously creating an official record of both
  • Time Clock – compatible with any tablet or computer for accurate and easy hours tracking without buying clocking hardware
  • Communication – simple text/SMS messaging to and from team members that goes straight to their smart phones so you can be proactive about making sure a key member is on-site, on time.

One of the most charming aspects of WhenIWork is its broadcast feature. Once you’ve finalized a schedule, you can send it immediately to every employee (or every employee mentioned on the schedule). This helps employees since they don’t have to call in or stop in to find out or confirm about the next week’s hour. It helps you because you know you’ve told everybody when to come to work, and you can check or update the record on demand. It also integrates with other calendar software on their phone or computer, so their work shifts appear right on their Outlook or Google Calendar display.

Time card records are integrated with ZenPayroll automatically for subscribers, or can be exported to any other 3rd party payroll software capable of handling CSV data (which is to say, any 3rd party payroll software worth using).

Some of WhenIWork’s most high-profile clients include ACE hardware, Cold Stone Creamery, and 1-800-Got-Junk. Though you might not think of these as small-to-medium businesses, it’s worth noting that they are franchise operations. Each individual location has needs similar to most of our Kabbage community, and that modular and simplified structure works well for their needs. Other clients, like Aspen Snowmass, Dunn Brothers Coffee, and the Columbus Zoo fall squarely in the small business category the tool was built for.

Tech review site VMAssociates calls WhenIWork the “Easiest Employee Scheduling Tool We’ve Found.” They describe the software as brilliantly noninnovative, meaning that they don’t try to hook you with complicating, irrelevant extras – just by making the software’s core feature as simple and intuitive as possible. ran a comparison of several small business scheduling software options, and rated WhenIWork highly for ease of use and flexibility of communication. They did note that it was more expensive than some similar options.

Testimonials on their website are predictably enthusiastic, and seem to unanimously focus on how easy and quick it is to set up, learn, and use WhenIWork. Overall, this is not a product built for complex situations or technical impressiveness. Instead, it focuses on a single need for many small businesses: scheduling that’s easy to do right, and helps you remember the details of this core aspect of successful operations.

Pricing for WhenIWork is built on the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, meaning you don’t buy the software – you buy a license to use it for as long as you’re willing to subscribe. This is usually a better deal for the consumer than just buying packaged software at the store, since you automatically get updates and SaaS models typically have better customer service in order to keep subscribers onboard.

Specific costs are built on a sliding scale based on how many employees you want to manage. The basic scheduling option runs from $9 per month for 5 users up to $99 per month for 100. Including time clock and attendance tracking ups the price tag to $17 per month for 5 users and up to $187 per month for 100. Opting for an annual payment plan reduces the prices by about 10%.

WhenIWork offers a free 30-day trial with no credit card information given at signup, so you can take a “test drive” without committing or even needing to call in to cancel before you get charged.

What do you think of WhenIWork? Think you’ll give it a try? Let us know in the comment section below.


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