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Should You Attend eCommerce Events?

Author: Molly Schwartz

Should you attend eCommerce events? Yes! It’s a wonderful chance to grow your business. You can hear from important speakers who you may have already been following online and learn from them in person. Hearing from fellow attendees who have years of insight can help educate new eCommerce sellers, and these conferences are a great place to network, meet new people, and create connections. So here are our top five picks for the best eCommerce events in 2014.


IRCE 2014: The Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition is known as the “world’s largest eCommerce” event on the calendar. And this year you can celebrate its 10th anniversary in Chicago, Illinois, from June 10-13. Travel to the windy city for workshops on the first and last days and for speakers on June 11 and 12. Over 200 speakers will be there, and over 600 companies will be represented. Plus, there will be plenty of networking opportunities with the projected 10,000 attendance.

IRCE is an opportunity to see all of the possible resources that could help your businesses become profitable. The speakers at IRCE provide new information, tricks of the trade, and important news to help both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce businesses stay relevant in an ever-changing economy. IRCE is creating regional events around the United States and throughout Asia and Europe. IRCE features companies that started from essentially nothing and have worked hard to become household names. IRCE teaches businesses how to maximize performance on eCommerce platforms and find connections, strategies, and solutions to problems.


Growing Global 2014: Growing Global will be held in Long Beach, California, on July 15 and 16 this year. The first day will focus on strategy, tactics, and area overviews while the second day will focus on marketing and eCommerce strategies, tactics, and operations; business strategies and tactics; and more. There will also be moderated breakfast and lunch roundtables as well as networking breaks throughout both days to help you meet other eCommerce sellers and network.

Growing Global works as two days of intense learning sessions to educate all attendees on how to grow their brand worldwide. The invitation-only speakers and sponsors can provide attendees with new technology, products, services, and perspectives on global operations and marketing. Attendees have the chance to hear ideas and case studies to see exactly how successful companies sell and market globally. GrowingGlobal is a great conference for small business owners to help expand its company on a global scale.

SCOE 2014: The Sellers Conference for Online Entrepreneurs, in Seattle, Washington, will include focus groups for specific industries to help provide feedback and learn tips for selling on Amazon, Magento, and eBay. The conference, which is held August 14-16, will also include hosted networking sessions to meet other eCommerce sellers, explore Seattle, and meet the speakers who will be presenting.  SCOE allows attendees to learn from the best eCommerce exports and coaching specialists. Speakers include
·      Jennifer Artabane of ChannelAdvisor Corp

·      Tony Chvala of Sears

·      Shmuli Goldberg of FeedVisor

·      Ian Lurie of Protent Inc

·      Michael Anderson of Etail Solutions
These speakers educate attendees on the perfect way to begin their global expansion of their business. Plus, 75 percent of past SCOE participants report a “moderate or significant” increase in their Amazon sales.


PubCon 2014: This year PubCon, “the premier social media and optimization conference and expo,” will be held in Las Vegas from October 6-9. PubCon, a Forbes must-attend conference and an Inc. top conference, offers speakers and exhibitors in the leading industries for online marketing. Keynote speakers include
·      Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

·      Malcolm Gladwell, author of “Tipping Point”

·      Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

·      David Pogue, Technology Writer for the New York Times
Other attendees include website publishers, site owners, agencies, brands, CEOs, CMOs, CTOs, and sales executives. Attendees will learn about SEO, SMO, social media marketing, organic search marketing, and conversion rates. The first day will be a day full of the optional PubCon Masters Group search and a day of social media training. The exhibition hall will be open October 7-8, and the conference itself will run from October 7-9.

PubCon has been the place where many exciting new products and services have been launched such as Business Pages for Google Plus (PubCon 2011). PubCon also hosts the second annual U.S. Search Awards, which will be presented at an awards ceremony on the night of Wednesday, October 8.


eBay Radio Party and Conference 2014: eBay Radio Party and Conference will be held at Bally’s Las Vegas on June 17-19. This conference is co-hosted and sponsored by Kabbage, so come say hello and join the eCommerce party! This is the 11th consecutive year the eBay conference has been held, so it is full of useful information for small business owners and entrepreneurs. The first day of the conference will be Marketing Day. Important eBay experts, authors, team members, and eCommerce gurus will be in attendance both days to help make the conference and party more educational and help attendees find answers.

Some of the featured speakers will be


·      Marsha Collier, author of “eBay for Dummies” and “Social Media Commerce for Dummies”

·      Lynn Dralle, author of “The 100 Best Things I’ve Sold on eBay”

·      Cliff Ennico, a business attorney


Another featured speaker will be Jim “Griff” Griffith, otherwise known as the head of eBayRadio. He has run his show for 10 years, which makes it the longest professionally produced internet radio show.


One conference can help you make multiple connections, give you creative ideas, and help you find solutions to problems you couldn’t solve on your own! Share your favorite conferences to attend and enjoy whichever event you choose!