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A Simple Guide to Pokémon GO for Small Business, Part 3: Essential Tips

6 essential tips for Pokemon Go

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the basics of Pokémon GO, and in Part 2, using the game for marketing ideas. Here, we’ll go over some essential tips that will help you keep up with the app and refine your strategy over time.


6 Essential Tips for Businesses Using Pokémon GO

  1. Yelp filter.
    After Pokémon GO’s huge launch, Yelp created a Pokéstop filter, so you can find shops that double as great locations to play the game. These Pokéstops are crowdsourced through Yelp users using the check-in function. If your shop is located near a Pokéstop, make sure it’s listed or you’ll be missing out on free publicity.
  1. Sponsor player-held events.
    Some Pokémon GO fans have gathered into organized crawls, where they maneuver through the city together. During this crawl, the FB event page shared deals that restaurants near the route were sharing with participants. These events tend to spread through social media and word of mouth, but keeping your eye out for them can result in marketing to thousands of customers that you know will be near your business.
  1. Host your own event.
    If you see a lot of people hovering around your shop but not going in, try hosting a Pokémon GO related night. Pokémon GO stands out from other popular mobile games because of the communities that have forged around it. Many players go out with a friend or bond with strangers over finding rare Pokémon.
  1. Encourage your staff to play.
    Assuming that they aren’t already on the app, encouraging your staff to try out the game can help them start conversations with customers who are playing in your shop. Connecting over a nice conversation could be part of a memorable positive experience that brings the customer back for more.
  1. Livestream.
    Live video streaming has become popularized in social media strategies with Facebook Live and Periscope, but it’s nothing new for video games – just look at the successes of the YouTuber PewDiePie and of the Twitch streaming platform.
    Take this as an opportunity to invite a game streaming influencer to your location and collaborate with them on a livestream or event. If this isn’t feasible, making your own Facebook Live stream can still provide some fun social media content.
  1. Beware of app updates.
    As a mobile app, Pokémon GO is continuously being updated with new features and tweaks. Players have reported Pokéstops relocating and being unable to find Pokémon that were once abundant. If you have the time, checking in on the Pokémon GO subreddit can be a worthwhile way to stay updated on the community. Be aware that an app update may force you to alter your strategy, but it could also lead to new opportunities.


These tips can help your business seize new opportunities with Pokémon GO’s unique popularity. Have you had success with Pokémon GO marketing? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @KabbageInc.



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