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Six Brutually Honest Truths from Small Business Owners on Whisper App

Brutually Honest Truths from Small Business Owners on Whisper App

Being a business owner is an exciting and nerve wracking endeavor that comes with a lot of rewards, and a lot of challenges. One thing is for sure, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Whisper is an app where anyone can post anonymous messages and confessions about anything that’s on their mind. Users upload thoughts, confessions, concerns – whatever they’re thinking at the time. We recently compiled confessions from female entrepreneurs that ranged from pride to fear. Here are some thoughts of small business owners, and aspiring small business owners, under the cloak of anonymity.

1. The Pressure


2. The Eagerness


3. The Accident


4. The Struggle


5. The Excitement


6. The Kind Act


Are there any that you can relate to? Make a Whisper of your own on the Whisper App, available for iOS and Android.