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Small Business News: National Entrepreneurship Month

National Entrepreneurship Month

President Obama has declared November 2016 as National Entrepreneurship Month in the United States. This month is meant to be a celebration of the contribution that business owners have made to our country and to encourage entrepreneurship in the future. Here’s what you need to know about National Entrepreneurship Month:

What Is Natural Entrepreneurship Month?

In 2010, a couple of entrepreneurs started a National Entrepreneurs’ Day, or NED. The founders included Siamak Taghaddos and David Hauser, both co-founders of Grasshopper. The third founder was Amir Tehrani, a Legacy Foundation co-founder. They wanted to create a holiday that would help promote innovation, business and job growth. They also hoped they could use this holiday to inspire young people to consider entrepreneurship.

Every year, the president has proclaimed this celebration of entrepreneurship. It’s not actually an official holiday in the United States. There is a website called EntrepeneursDay.org that provides information and promotes changing NED to an official, American holiday.

These are some events and semi-official holidays that occur during this month:

  • Global Entrepreneurship Week: This helps recognize and share progress made all over the world. It occurs during the week of November 17 through November 23.
  • National Entrepreneurs’ Day: This is the original holiday that is celebrated on November 19th.
  • Small Business Saturday: This day is meant to recognize American small businesses. It is held on November 29th.

How to Join in the Celebration of Entrepreneurship

There are plenty of good reasons to celebrate this holiday. Small and startup businesses have always provided American jobs, a better standard of living, and most importantly, progress. There are many events held during this time to help celebrate it. In addition, local businesspeople are encouraged to host their own events.

These are some examples of some events that will be taking place:

  • Generation Startup: The Movie: Generation Startup invites organizations to host a special video screening. The movie tells the story of several college graduates who worked through struggles and successes when they founded their own businesses. This documentary should appeal to businesses, business organizations and universities. The supporters also suggest a post-episode discussion panel of the movie and will hold a virtual discussion online. You can learn more about this opportunity at GenerationStartuptheFilm.com.
  • Junior Achievement: To help inspire even younger people, Junior Achievement will host talks in the classrooms of high schools all over the country. These company founders will discuss their own inspirations. They will also try to open students’ eyes to all of the opportunities that are available after they graduate.
  • Charitybuzz Auction: Famous innovators will participate in this auction. The diverse selection of participants includes Mark Cuban, Paris Hilton, Richard Branson, Donald Rumsfeld and more. Eager bidders can win a meeting with one of these men or women and have an opportunity to gather advice and insight that could be life-changing. The meetings vary and could include a power lunch, private dinner or even a round of golf.

Ways to Celebrate Your Own National Entrepreneur Month

The main idea behind this celebration is to promote entrepreneurship and help the public understand how important it is. If you don’t care to participate in organized events, you can still enjoy the month in various other ways.

For example, you might invite local businesspeople for a discussion on a relevant topic or simply to network. You might also be extra careful to patronize local businesses in order to support the efforts of other business owners. People in your own company could donate their time and talent to Junior Achievement or open an internship opportunity for college or high school students.

Of course, you can also think of ways to celebrate National Entrepreneur Month for yourself. You could create a business plan around that great idea that you’ve thought of. You could finally decide to pursue an opportunity to expand your existing business. If you need more capital to fulfill your dreams, you might look into funding to support your small business. The point of this holiday might be to help inspire others; but you can also take a chance to grow your business.