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Kabbage Brussels Sprouts – Profiling Our Summer Interns

Kabbage’s new crop of summer interns, known fondly as the “Brussels Sprouts,” has been hard at work for the past few weeks, occupying themselves with projects and research to fill their respective roles within their teams. We interviewed the interns to gain a better understanding of what they’re working on and what they love about working at Kabbage. While they each varied in their descriptions of the work that they are doing, every intern expressed a common love for the people at Kabbage and the warmth of the community.

On the Strategy team, Avani, Prashanth and Kyle have dedicated their time to developing “Project Avokado.” With Project Avokado, they hope to establish a product that uses customer data to provide suggestions on how to grow their businesses.

Prashanth, who will begin his freshman year at Harvard this fall, loves relaxing in the massage chairs and challenging his colleagues to a game of ping pong. Avani, a student at Barnard University, loves that Kabbage provides the freedom to propose and take on unique projects, allowing employees to enjoy and become fully invested in their work. Kyle is completing his MBA at the University of Virginia and embraces the work hard, play hard culture here at Kabbage.

Jason, a student at Indiana University, has been calculating performance bonuses for Sales, which is a key task in the Sales team agenda. He enjoys playing with the many dogs team members bring to Kabbage’s Atlanta office. Keller, who will return to Georgia Tech in a few months, is working with data reporting and email templates within Kabbage’s email automation software. He loves Kabbage’s daily catered lunches and relaxed office dress code. Anna, a recent graduate of Young Harris College, has revamped the quarterly newsletter for Kabbage’s partners. She, too, is a big fan of the dogs around the office. Take a walk around Kabbage, and you will inevitably have at least one encounter with an adorable pup!

Harrison, a rising high school senior and the youngest Kabbage intern, is working on push notifications and email in the Marketing department. His favorite part about his few weeks at Kabbage is time spent in the massage chairs. James, a student at the University of Michigan, has dedicated his days at Kabbage to optimizing the Kabbage.com home page. One of his favorite memories is driving a Porsche with a vendor.

In Finance and Accounting, Sanat and Dylan, pictured above with one of the many office dogs, have made great contributions to their team. Sanat, who will return to Dartmouth, has been busy with the daily report as well as tag loads for the company. He also is involved with tracking travel and expenses. Dylan, a Georgia Tech student, works on the cross-functional management of invoices as well as vendor management and bank reconciliations. Among their favorite things about Kabbage are the dress code, friendly dogs, the food and the great mentors.

On Kabbage’s Policy team, Ryan has been working on projects ranging from international data protection policy research to state lobbying efforts, and more! During his internship, he even got the chance to attend an event with the Canadian-American Business Council. At the event, Ryan was able to hear from 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, as well as the 16th Prime Minister of Canada, Joe Clark.

One of Ryan’s favorite things about being a Brussels Sprout intern is the fact that his work is practical and useful towards Kabbage’s mission and goals, something he has found unique to the company. In addition, he is a big fan of the relaxed and welcoming work environment. After Ryan’s internship at Kabbage ends, he is keeping his options open as he will be finishing up his Bachelor’s degree and will then either pursue a Master’s in Economics or move to a career in politics, or as an economist for a financial institution.

In the engineering department, Himanshu, Sushmita and Swetha have been chipping away at projects and assignments while enjoying the full Kabbage experience. Himanshu, who recently graduated from Georgia Tech, is working primarily on Kore, Kabbage’s unified servicing platform. Sushmita, a State University of New York at Buffalo student, spends her time working on projects that will improve our team members’ experiences from a Technology perspective. Swetha, who will return as a student to the Roger Institute of Technology in the fall, works in partnership with Scotiabank, one of Kabbage’s international bank partners.

The Engineering interns love the people at Kabbage, which speaks to the validity of Kabbage’s core value to care deeply.

Rae, who will graduate in six months with plans to become a teacher, has been busy filling swag orders, taking pictures for the new security system, making badges for new hires and assisting visitors at the front desk of the Atlanta office. What she loves about Kabbage most being surrounded by “smiling people” all day. Randi, who has a background in teaching, is creating internal communication and reorganizing a few pages on Kabbage’s intranet. She enjoys the positive energy in the office as well as the abundant supply of delicious food. Lizabeth, who will be a freshman at Northwestern in the fall, is writing blog posts and contributing to Kabbage’s social media outreach. Outside of her work in People Ops, she enjoys relaxing on the large beanbag chairs and playing ping pong.


The hiring of interns provides Kabbage with a welcome infusion of fresh perspectives each summer. Every intern presents a different set of skills within the company, and together, the Brussels Sprouts add great value to Kabbage. For the short time that they are with us at Kabbage, the interns have been impactful within their respective teams, and we know that this crop of Brussels Sprouts has a bright future!

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