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Tax Tips for Accountants to Share

As an accountant, you already know you can provide clients with many valuable benefits. For instance, you can help them with tax planning, finding all the deductions they are entitled to and lowering the risk of an audit. To help market your services, try reaching out to clients online and offering them information they can use to prepare their taxes. You can create a website, social page or newsletter to offer valuable tax tips to potential clients. This will allow you to let people know that you are knowledgeable about your field and interested in helping them. Best of all, your tips will remind small business owners that you are ready to offer them more help if they contact you for tax accounting. If you need some ideas, consider the tips below:

Remind Clients of Deductions They Might Have Overlooked

You can provide general examples of commonly overlooked business tax deductions. Many people forget they can deduct the cost of an accountant. If clients realize that the actual cost of having you prepare their taxes will be lower than your bill, they may be more willing to pick up the phone.

Offer Solutions to Small Business Owners Who Can’t Pay by Tax Time

You probably advise your current clients to start planning for tax bills months before they need to get paid. Of course, some business owners run into problems because they didn’t pay enough estimated taxes or are having trouble managing their cash flow. You should let your audience know that this is no time to panic – you can help them find a solution.

For instance, you might remind entrepreneurs that the interest they paid on business loans might be deductible. They can use the money to pay taxes on time and to help reduce other cash flow problems. There are many different types of loans for small business owners, and you can help them come up with a solution that works for them and their unique situation.

Provide Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Most startups will do better if they get help with tax planning from the beginning. You can appeal to startup founders by providing them with information specifically tailored toward new business owners. Here are a few examples:

  • You could let them know they can deduct some startup costs but the IRS limits the amount that can be deducted in the first year.
  • You could also let them know that the right bookkeeping software can provide enough guidance to make sure they keep the right records. This kind of software also should ensure that these records get stored in a secure and convenient place. You can explain that you can do a lot more for clients who keep good records and that you’d like to help them get started on the right foot. You can suggest software and even provide some basic training on how to use it.

Why Share Free Tax Tips with Potential Clients?

Most businesses find that they do better when they can build relationships with people. Having a newsletter or social page can introduce people to your accounting firm and let them know that you are a credible and helpful resource. If you can attract people who find your information valuable, they are more likely to trust you and even share your information with other people they know.

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