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10 Hair and Makeup Trends for 2017 Wedding Season

Summer is rapidly approaching, and for beauty salons, that means one thing: It’s wedding season. When you’re busy running your small business, it can be tough to keep up with current trends. If you’re behind the latest bridal trends, here are 10 of the most popular hair and makeup trends coming your way this summer.

2017 Bridal Hair Trends

  1. Big braids

Braids are making a bold statement this summer and can be incorporated in various ways. From intricate up-dos to face-framing, braids are becoming a hot trend for brides in 2017. You can style your clients’ hair with a braid in a variety of ways. From one large side braid to a ponytail braid to sectioned pieces, braids are great for a bold look that’s lower maintenance than other bridal up-dos. Braids will give your client a slightly bohemian look without much hassle.

  1. Classy but messy

A classy up-do with some slight fringe gives your client a natural, relaxed look. It also compliments the different shades in their hair. This look is great for clients with curly, stubborn hair who still want an up-do. Cascading curls will help frame their face and give them a softer, more natural look. For that extra polish, add a subtle hair ornament into the up-do.

  1. Florals

Incorporating flowers into the bride’s hair gives your client that carefree chic look and ethereal vibe. You can do this by pinning a flower crown to their hair, which can be styled down or in a loose, messy bun, or by weaving small flowers throughout their hair, usually when most of it is let down. If your client is spiritual, this can help her feel connected to the earth.

  1. Polished up-dos

Polished up-dos were once a thing of the past, but recently, they’ve been making a comeback. Classic up-dos can be adorned with simple and subtle accents (gold barrette, jeweled clips, simple ribbon, etc.) or be left bare. Depending on the style, a polished up-do can give your client that vintage feel, but no matter the style, it’ll always give her that chic finish. 

  1. Top knot

The topknot has made its way into the wedding industry recently at New York Bridal Fashion Week. Topknots can be placed at the very top of your client’s head in the form of a tidy bun. Brides can also get half-up topknots, which has a small bun on the top of the head with the rest of the hair down and relaxed. Topknots are versatile enough to be sleek and sexy or messy or relaxed. The half-up topknot is also a good compromise for brides who can’t decide between an up-do or keeping their hair down.

2017 Bridal Makeup Trends

  1. Minimal makeup

Rather than going for heavy look, a lot of brides are choosing to go minimalist. They want that makeup/no-makeup look for a more natural and fresher look. Of course, each bride will differ in just how minimal of makeup they want, but don’t be surprised if the most they want is a classic daytime look for their big day.

  1. Pink eyeshadow and lips

A simple pink eyeshadow matched with a monochromatic lip is a relatively new trend, with a 45 percent search increase on Pinterest. Again, millennials are all about minimalism, and this look will give your bride a fresh, natural and flowy complexion. It also keeps her looking romantic but not like a Barbie.

  1. Prominent brows

Strong, prominent brows have been an upcoming trend since 2015, but they’re hotter than ever now, especially for brides. Thicker brows will give your bride a more youthful appearance. They also give your bride a bold and fierce without having to rely on heavy eyeshadow, thick eyeliner or a dark lip stain. Practice your eyebrow game for those clients who lived and breathed the thin eyebrow phase or struggle with growing thick brows naturally.

  1. Berry lips

While some brides want a more natural look, others are making a bold statement with their lips. This trends still follows a minimalist look for the rest of the face, but leave the lips to make a statement. Dark berry stains, from deep reds to deep purples, are making a big comeback for the 2017 wedding season. This can be in a glossy or matte finish, but the latter is less likely to bleed, wipe off and stain their partner’s face.

  1. Dewy skin

Again, the natural look is widely trending this season, which has launched dewy skin into a top trend for bridal looks. Highlighting the top of the cheekbones gives the bride a soft, glowing look and makes her beauty look effortless and elegant. Dewy skin should be paired with pinks or nudes to give off a warm style for laid-back brides.

With summer approaching, hair and makeup stylists alike are preparing themselves for their busiest season: wedding season. If you’re not up-to-date on the latest wedding style trends, check out the 10 above to help better prepare yourself for your influx of clients. While each bride differs, more likely than not, they’ll incorporate one or more of these elements in for their special day.

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