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The Best Social Media Platforms to Use During and After the Holiday Season

During and after the holiday season, social media takes on a whole new role. Instead of simply connecting with your customers and gaining new followers, driving sales becomes the number one priority of social media platforms.

Social media plays an important role in how shoppers find products and services. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and even LinkedIn can open up your eCommerce store to a slew of new customers eager to buy.

The following social media platforms can radically transform your business during and after the holiday season and can drastically improve your business marketing.

What is social media, exactly?

Social media is a form of referral marketing that is extremely valuable to small businesses. Being active on social media can help your small business generate big sales. By posting images, you can engage your followers and create a culture around your brand.

Whatever social platform you choose to use, remember that image-based content generates more and better social responses on all forms of social media. Posts that include images are much more likely to produce sales; therefore, image-based content should be most important during the holiday selling season.

Video content can be extremely helpful as well because it is engaging and less common, meaning it can help set you apart from your competitors.

Knowing your social network is very important when it comes to optimizing social media for business marketing. By being knowledgeable on who follows you and when they are most active on each social media platform, you can make sure your posts are seen and shared by more people. Understanding your audience’s behavior can be useful because it maximizes the use of your social media platforms.

To decide which platform will suit your small business best, make sure you look into where most of your ideal audience resides and which kind of content you will be broadcasting the most. Remember that the most important factors are understanding what you want to get out of social media, monitoring the results you get from your efforts, and making the appropriate modifications.

When posting on social media, make sure that you are being consistent across all platforms and remember to stay active daily. The best social media platform for you depends on how often you want to post, what content you want to post and who your audience is. Understanding who you’re targeting is important because it allows you to find out your customer bases’ primary social media platform. Once that’s known, you can create a strong presence on that particular platform.


Google+ is rapidly becoming more relevant to social media as it gains more users. An important thing to remember about Google+ is that when you create a profile for your small business, you could potentially bump up your organic search traffic.

Using Google+ during the holidays can help you engage potential customers and help you rank better on Google’s search engine. This social media platform is especially useful when it comes to search engine optimization.

By updating your business’s Google+ page with enjoyable and beneficial content for your consumers, you create a page where over 340 million users can learn about and engage with your small business.

Driving holiday and post-holiday sales is made more convenient by Google+ because it personalizes the experience for each user, sending customers your way based on their interests, Google search history, and the pages they follow on Google+.



Using Twitter to directly connect with your customers during the holiday season can drive sales. Answering customer questions quickly via this social media platform makes your small business seem trustworthy and reliable.

By posting helpful tweets that give your customer base more information on your products and services, you are more likely to actually get your followers to make a purchase.

The holiday and post-holiday seasons are huge for customer support due to tracking of packages and returns. Using Twitter to give your customer a peace of mind by keeping them up to date on shipping and product information is extremely helpful to you and to them.

Leveraging Twitter for business marketing both during and after the holidays helps you keep in touch with your customers in real time and is an inexpensive, simple way to direct consumers to your eCommerce site. Twitter is a valuable way to keep your customers up to date in real time on events, products, and customer insights.


Pinterest is the ideal holiday season social media platform for small businesses because of its visual aspect. Pinterest allows you to post pictures, videos, and other images to your board for all of your followers to see.

You can leverage this for holiday sales by posting pictures of your best inventory. Once a user clicks on the image, it directs that user back to your eCommerce website.

What is more appealing about Pinterest is that a user can choose to repin any image you post, which will then be shared with all of their followers. Because of this aspect of Pinterest, referrals are more likely to come from this social media platform, and you can reach a wider variety of users rather than just your followers.

Pinterest also allows you to create an entire page for your business where you can post to different topic boards to attract different types of consumers, which helps you establish a culture behind your brand. Show off your products and cater to your customers using Pinterest. You can pretty much pin just about anything to your Pinterest boards. This includes your inventory as well as things your customers might have shared.

You can connect with your customers through Pinterest by following them back to see what they like, posting tips and tricks that have to do with your small business, posting discount and promo codes, and posting news about your company.


LinkedIn is a business connection site. It is a great social media platform both during and after the holidays because it essentially created a space for business networking. It is a great way to get information about your brand, to get your business out there, and to connect with vendors and suppliers. LinkedIn allows you to connect with both your consumers and your vendors, which gives you a healthier, more direct relationship with both. It is a great platform to post links to your blog or eCommerce site. With LinkedIn, you can communicate your skills and expertise, so both consumers and merchants know what business you are in and what type of experience you have.


Facebook gives small businesses the opportunity to represent themselves in many ways. With Facebook, you can share pictures, videos, and links to all of your friends or followers.

Facebook is a great tool for businesses both during and after the holiday selling season because it allows your customer to get to know and understand your business and the people behind it. Facebook allows you to set up a page that portrays your company the way you want people to see it. Use Facebook to post information about contests, company news, and events.

You can generate new followers and likes on Facebook by posting rich content. Content that your followers like will show up on their friends’ news feeds, giving you a larger social network. By following a few next-level Facebook marketing tips for your small business, you can build a community around your Facebook page.

Facebook gives you a platform where you can decide how to represent your small business, and it gives you a platform where you can generate new traffic to your website by simply sharing basic information about your brand. Facebook is the broadest network out there with over one billion users.


YouTube is a visual social network, which means that it gives your small business the opportunity to post brand-oriented material that entertains viewers. YouTube can help you reach millions of people by showcasing your products or services in an enjoyable fashion.

YouTube is great for holiday and post-holiday social networking because it gives you a platform where you can demonstrate your products or introduce new ones. Using this social media platform to post video blogs, commercials, or interviews, YouTube can keep viewers interested and make your videos more searchable.

YouTube is also a great social media platform because you can share your YouTube videos on other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. By actively displaying consistent, quality information, you can generate new customers quickly and easily. Tell the story of your business through social media. Use YouTube to create a small video that tells how your business began and what it does, and then share, share, share via Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest.

Social media is quickly becoming one the most effective and inexpensive ways to get your brand or business out there. So outline your social media goals and get started. There are a variety of readily available platforms out there just waiting for you to make your small business known!