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The Medical Professional with a Prescription for Wellness and Business Success

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Eli Camp believes in promoting wellness and running a great business, which is exactly why she has created her company, Medicine Talk.

Eli is a licensed naturopathic doctor, or ND. Naturopathic medicine emphasizes preventive healthcare measures and natural therapies for healing. Eli says she practices and promotes homeopathic medicine and the role diet, lifestyle, environment, and the mind-body connection make in a person’s overall wellness. She doesn’t mind sharing what she knows about naturopathic medicine or her knowledge of what it takes to manage a successful medical practice.

“I came to medicine with a business background, and when I was sitting in my very first class in medical school and we were talking business, I looked around at my colleagues and thought they were in serious trouble because nobody had a business background,” Eli says. “I knew when they got out of school because of the profession, they weren’t going to get job offers from hospitals; they were going to have open private practices or teach or work for one of the companies that hires NDs to do product research or sales. But most people that go through naturopathic medical school are looking to open a private practice,” Eli says.

So with one eye looking ahead to a professional life after school, Eli wrote a blueprint for opening, marketing, and running a naturopathic medical practice. After graduation, she partnered with other NDs and used that business plan as a guide to open a practice.

“My dream had always been to help teach people about their choices for their health. Going through four years of naturopathic medical school really opened my eyes to the fact that people would choose different or more holistic or more natural approaches to health if they knew about them. Before I went to med school I thought I was pretty healthy; I took my multi-vitamin and exercised. But as I went through school I realized there was so much more to creating health and being healthy. My great desire was to treat people who were sick and get them better, but it was more important for the people not choosing to go with naturopathic medicine or holistic health, just to get them information so they would start thinking they had choices,” Eli says.

So she sat down for a brainstorming session with her sister about how to introduce this field to more people.

“I quickly realized I could spend my entire career and may touch 400 or 500 peoples’ lives significantly with this knowledge,” Eli says. “I love being a doctor, but I have this deeper need to be an educator of the masses, and I didn’t know how to do it. I could write a book, but the person has to go pick up the book and read it, and it takes a commitment to pick up a book and read it. I wanted to use today’s technology so that I could get this information to people more easily. I wanted them to click a button and get an information download.”

So with a paper napkin as a canvas, the sisters sketched out the Medicine Talk website as a wellness resource. They both worked their day jobs while devoting a handful of hours each week to curating content, and Medicine Talk began to have a following.

“We were never in debt, but we never made a lot of money,” Eli says. “We had a lot of people interacting with us and listening to our teleseminars and we thought we would let it grow organically.”

At about the same time, medical students began asking Eli to conduct seminars and talks related to her blueprint for running a practice. So she created another part of her company, Medicine Talk Professional, as a business resource. Medicine Talk Pro has a mission of helping these medical professionals with the information they need to get up and running and stay in business.

With both ends of her business growing, Eli realized she wanted to take things up to a new level, and that’s where Kabbage comes into her story. She was looking for an established and published writer, a copy editor, and she wanted to advance the website. The tab for those changes just kept growing.

“We could have done it, but it would have made everything really tight,” Eli says. “It got big enough that we needed to expand our infrastructure and that is where Kabbage helped us out.”

Both websites now reach their intended audiences.

“Medicine Talk is for the public, for people who are trying to educate themselves or learn more about holistic health or naturopathic medicine or naturopathic doctors or just getting healthy in general. Based on naturopathic principles,” Eli says. “Medicine Talk Professional is about helping doctors also deliver this information by helping them be successful business people.”

The changes to the company’s infrastructure have helped to deliver the message and Eli is watching the sister Medicine Talk sites grow. Her vision is that they become separate with only a few common strands between them. And while her time right now is more heavily invested in the professional side, she would like to even that up.

“We’ve made some partnerships which will allow me to step back and become more of the CEO of the entire company and have two directors under me – one running Medicine Talk and one running Medicine Talk Professional,” Eli says.

And no matter which side of the business she is nurturing, Eli says she approaches each encounter the same way.

“What has been the most successful strategy for me is to come to the table in all of my interactions with clients, fellow business people, and people who can contribute to helping my company be a success, with the mentality of, “How can I help you?” By helping them, it seems to come full circle and it just comes back to our company double.”

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