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The One Trend Your Retail Business Should Focus on to Maximize Marketing, and How

The One Trend Your Retail Business Should Focus on to Maximize Marketing, and How

YouTube, Influencer Marketing and Great Advice from Google

Are you ready to take your marketing to the next level? Find out how to get YouTube influencers to produce videos about your brand and its products and services that will hit just in time for the next big shopping season.

An estimated 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every hour, to be consumed by its audience of more than 1 billion users. Among these videos are product reviews, which have become so influential to consumers that they made Google’s infographic listing the top five holiday shopping trends for 2015.

Not only is YouTube a trusted source for product reviews, according to data cited on, 42 percent of U.K. survey respondents said that YouTube was “the most trustworthy source of product reviews,” and more than half said that seeing a product on YouTube would make it more likely for them to buy.

When it comes to researching products, services and brands, consumers trust reviews from real people more than almost anything else, and this is equally true whether the review or recommendation comes from someone they know well or not at all. Since YouTube product review videos were specifically listed as an important trend for reaching holiday shoppers and consumers, here are some tips for incorporating YouTube influencer videos into your marketing plan.

  1. Who Should Review Your Products on YouTube?

One reason video reviews are so compelling is that viewers see themselves and their needs and wants reflected in the product review itself, and often in the reviewer, too. It’s important for marketers to be strategic in choosing a reviewer or product review company and align these choices with what they know about their own target audiences and buyer personas.

While product review videos might appear to be very amateur in nature, it’s interesting to note that there are companies that actually specialize in producing YouTube review videos. What you do need to keep in mind is that unlike other types of marketing videos you might create to promote your business, product review videos must be authentic reviews – by law. That means that you can’t control the outcomes or write the scripts; but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send information along to the reviewer pointing out the advantages, features and benefits that your product or business provides.

For a local independent business, it might be important to identify a local resource, such as an industry expert, marketing or business consultant who will be able to relate to your target markets.  Whether you engage a company or an individual to provide your review, here are some credentials to consider:

  • Do they have expertise or experience with your product or industry?
  • Have they reviewed similar products or businesses before? How did those reviews go?
  • Are they generally credible and objective?
  • Can they meet your marketing timeline?
  • Are they influencers?

This last question, “Are they influencers?” may actually be one of the most important factors to consider. Influencer marketing is all about identifying people with influence online (social networks, contacts, media, etc.) or offline and getting them to publically display, use or speak about your brand. In other words, it’s about getting people who influence other people to endorse your brand, publically.

Not everyone can afford to hire a celebrity spokesperson. Instead of trying to figure out how to convince a celebrity with millions of followers to give your brand a shout out, think micro-influencers instead, most of whom will happily provide you with a product review video suitable for use on YouTube (and which you may also elect to embed on your own website and social networks) in return for the free products you are sending them to test.

  1. How Does the Process Work?

For a simple product review video, the process might be as simple as selecting a testing company or volunteer, deciding on a timeline, sending them the product to review, and awaiting the results. The easiest way to get in touch with people or companies who review products may be to look for reviews of products or businesses that are similar to yours and reach out through YouTube to request a review for your brand. If you plan to use multiple reviewers as part of a micro-influencer marketing strategy, you may need to solicit volunteers or establish an application process where people can sign up to participate.

Remember that while you may be paying a company or an individual in product or stipend to perform the review, you are not paying for a guaranteed outcome.  This means that you could end up with a mixed or even a bad review, and that review may not only get published but could even go viral.

  1. What Should You Do When You Get a Less-Than-Stellar YouTube Review?

We all know the negative effect that a bad review can have on a brand and its sales and reputation. The impact of a bad YouTube review video could be even worse, since videos are more engaging than text-based content alone. If you find that your brand has been reviewed on YouTube in an unflattering way, respond in the comments, just as you would with a negative comment left on your social networks, website or a public review site:

  • If the review points out a genuine flaw or problem, acknowledge it and say what is being done to fix the problem.
  • If the review is outdated, point out that the problem has already been addressed and offer to send the reviewer an updated version.
  • If you believe that the reviewer may have had a defective item to review, ask for the opportunity to send them a new product to test.
  1. Your Product Review Went Live on YouTube – Now What?

You can – and should – use your marketing channels to extend the reach of video reviews as far as possible; these reviews tell your target audiences that the claims you are making about your products are true! Once your review is live on YouTube it becomes marketing collateral that can be leveraged across your social networks, used in press releases, featured on your website and cited in blog posts and email marketing. You can also use product review videos as inspiration and invite your customers to create user-generated videos, reviews, ratings, testimonials and other content which you can then use in your marketing as well.

4 billion videos will be viewed on YouTube today; wouldn’t it be wonderful if your brand were featured in some of those video views? Consider how you can take advantage of this marketing trend so that you can introduce your brand to new audiences and give them objective proof that persuades them to buy.

What about you?  Do you already use product review videos or plan to add reviews or user-generated videos as a marketing tactic this year?  Leave your comment below or share your video marketing tips with us on Twitter at @KabbageInc – we would love to hear from you!


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