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The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

The Ultimate Guide to Running Your Small Business from Your Phone or Tablet

A few years ago, it was almost impossible to run your business from a mobile device. CRM’s (Customer Relationship Management Software) didn’t have mobile access, security was just getting to the point where it would be safe to host financial apps and there wasn’t enough memory to run the programs.

That has all changed.

Today, you can run your entire business from your mobile device. However, to do that you need the right tools. Here’s a roundup of the top 25 mobile applications for your business.

25 Mobile Applications for Your Business

LogMeIn – Access your laptop or PC directly from your smartphone. Now you never have to worry if you forgot a file at work.

Evernote – Access Evernote on your Android, Apple or Windows device. Now you can take notes digitally wherever you are.

Square – How can you work remotely if you can’t collect revenue? With apps like Square, that’s no longer an issue. Use with the Square credit card reader or key in credit cards manually to collect payments on the go.

PayPal – Collect and make payments on the go. Keeps your team happy and your vendors paid.

DocuSign – Electronically collect signatures on any contracts you need signed for your deal. Securely collect their signature and avoid having to fax or scan documents.

Asana – A great productivity tool, Asana keeps you focused and on-task. Work with your team on the go. Assign due dates to employees and keep your team informed.

Basecamp – Another project management software that is great for teams. Basecamp allows teams to connect and discuss projects on the go. The threaded discussions make it a great discussion tool.

Fuze – Hold video conferencing on your phone, share PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, PDF’s, movies and high-resolution images.

join.me – Host webinars from your phone. With join.me, you have screen sharing and meeting tools to connect with prospects wherever you go.

TurboScan – Scan documents from your smartphone. Store the documents on Google Docs, Evernote or Dropbox. Access and share PDF documents as well.

Microsoft Office – Get full access to the traditional suite of Office products, including PowerPoint, Word and Excel. The updated version makes it easier to use on your mobile device than ever before.

Polaris Office – If you don’t want to pay for Microsoft Office, then you might want to consider getting Polaris. It’s a free suite of office products that isn’t quite as dynamic as Office, but still gets the job done.

Dropbox for Business – Access all of your documents (Word, Excel, Photoshop and Acrobat) securely on the go through Dropbox.

Google Drive – A combination of Office and a storage device like Dropbox. Google Drive integrates with the rest of your Google products and allows you to easily share documents with others.

QuickBooks – Check your business’ finances with QuickBooks. The favored tool for business accounting software is now available on the go as well.

Abukai – Scan and process your receipts on the go. This device is great for not only scanning the receipts, but also processing them into expense reports.

30/30 – This is a timer that you can use to ensure you work for 30 minutes and then play/procrastinate for 30 minutes.

Office Time – Record your billable hours on the go, then generate invoices and reports based upon the time you recorded. This is a great tool for iPhone users.

Skype – Connect with clients around the globe. The messaging and conference call features of Skype are mind-boggling. Connect for free with anyone in the world via text or phone.

Mynd – This mobile device keeps you on track, so you can go from meeting to meeting without delay. It does everything from remind you when you need to leave to tracking traffic times to let you know if you need to make adjustments to your schedule.

RescueTime – Discover how you spend time throughout your day. When are you most productive and when do you need to improve? RescueTime helps you track your mobile app usage, websites and voice time.

Perka – A modern loyalty reward program for local businesses. Dump the punch cards of yesteryear and have clients sign up on their mobile devices. Give them incentives to keep coming back to your location.

LinkedIn – Not only is this the largest business social network in the world, it is also a great resource for finding your contacts’ phone numbers and information. The LinkedIn app connects can import all of the numbers directly into your contact book.

TripIt – Do you travel a lot for business? Use TripIt to track all of your airlines, hotel, car rentals and restaurant reservations in one place. It combines everything to create an itinerary for you, and integrates that itinerary with your Apple, Outlook or Google Calendar.

Trello – Not only is this one of the simplest organizers on the internet, it is also easy to use with teams when organizing a marketing or promotion calendar.

CamCard – This contact management tool scans your business cards and organizes them. With CamCard, you can access your contact list without having to fumble through a stack of business cards.

Final Thoughts

From managing projects to collecting revenues, apps allow you to manage your business on the go. Which mobile applications are the most useful for your business? Tell us in the comment section below.