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Throwback Thursday: Running Your Own Restaurant Article Roundup


While watching your restaurant become a success is hugely rewarding, running a restaurant comes with a unique set of challenges and stress factors. While the popular restaurant failure-rate statistic of 90% has been debunked, the more accurate 60% failure rate can still seem daunting. The expenses involved can seem overwhelming, the competition is fierce, and Yelp has been a blessing and a curse. Still, with the right resources and commitment, your restaurant can be one of the 40%.  Here are five of our favorite past articles about running a restaurant:

  1. The Worst Restaurant Ever: The Yelp Backlash
  2. 5 Surprising Places You Can Find Inexpensive or Previously Owned Restaurant Equipment
  3. Unexpected Stresses When Running a Restaurant
  4. Using Real-Time Marketing to Fill a Restaurant during Slow Hours
  5. 5 Ways Your Restaurant Can Compete with Applebees, Chili’s, and Red Robin

What are some of the unexpected challenges you’ve run into in running your restaurant? What are your triumphs? Tell us in the comments below, or share with us on Twitter.