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Throwback Thursday: Small Business Cash Flow Management Article Roundup


Small business cash flow management issues are something we see a lot of small business owners struggle with. While these issues can arise for a variety of reasons, the good news is that most of them are fairly common and can be remedied. Probably the cash flow issue we see most commonly is among new small business owners who are still figuring out how to manage their cash. In fact, poor cash management is attributed to as one of the main factors in small business failure.

Managing cash flow in a small business is certainly not easy, but it doesn’t have to drive a business into the ground. With some research and strategy, even the new small business owner who’s finding their footing in the financial management game can quickly become money savvy. Here are five of our favorite articles about managing cash flow:

  1. Improve Your Cash Flow with Private Grants
  2. The Peaks and Valleys of Cash Flow: Revolving Credit Can Save You
  3. Cash Flow Management 101
  4. Do You Suffer From These Common Cash Flow Gaps?
  5. How to Manage Cash in a Developing Business

Have you run into cash flow problems in your business? How did you overcome them? Tell us in the comments below.