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Toonimo Debuts to Add Walkthroughs to Your Website

Toonimo Debuts to Add Walkthroughs to Your Website

No matter the type of business, creating a website can be challenging. How do you contain everything your company does and stands for in a digital property that’s easy to use?

Toonimo just released a product that lets any website add a “walkthrough” feature to their digital presence. Now users won’t be left on their own to appropriately navigate your business online. Toonimo uses animated arrows and automated scrolling so the website can demo itself to anyone who visits.

These animations can help users complete actions like filling out a form, making a purchase or booking a reservation. It can also point out sales or product features that may be overlooked. Overall, Toonimo provides visitors with an introduction to your website and nudges them in the direction you want them to go.

Toonimo is especially useful when you have a complicated website or business. The walkthrough can pause to let users type in information and accepts and responds to clicks. Before this release, the company featured an animated character on their clients’ websites that was designed to help visitors. Toonimo’s CEO said users found the animation polarizing because it appeared childlike.

Today the service cost $290 per month. Toonimo’s developers work with every client to customize walkthrough features, like voiceovers and text entry. It’s targeted at laptops and desktops, but mobile can also be configured. Browsers must support HTML5 or Flash. Launch partners have reportedly seen 3-15 percent increases in sales and one client reported a 20 percent increase.

Competitors include SundaySky, Idomoo and WalkMe. However, Toonimo claims to be the only dynamic solution that guides users using a multitude of techniques like arrows, text boxes and video. Idomoo creates personalized videos by integrated customer information from CRM solutions, for a truly tailored experience. WalkMe, on the other hand, uses text bubbles to guide visitors through a site.

No matter which solution you choose to adopt, it’s important that you have a deep understanding of how your users experience your website and what their pain points are. By mapping out their user journey step by step, it will be easier to configure a walkthrough like Toonimo to help guide them along the process. It’s also important that you clarify the goals you want your visitors to achieve when perusing the site. For example, signing up for your email list, completing a purchase or noting a support hotline are key actions that could be the difference between making a sale and retaining a customer, or losing them. All in all, walkthroughs are a great way to increase engagement between customers and your business’ digital presence.

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