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Top Hashtags to Follow for Business

small business hashtags

Do you ever feel like your time on Twitter is wasted? It’s one of the fastest moving social networks, with a constant stream of information being sent out into the void. Yet it can help you quickly connect with 320 million people. How can you follow the conversations that matter the most to you, and make sure that your content is discoverable by your customers? Hashtags, which organize content around everything from topics to people to brand mentions, provide a useful starting point. Here’s a closer look at key hashtags that should be part of every business owner’s Twitter strategy.

#smallbiz, #smallbusiness, #SME

As a hashtag for the community of business owners and entrepreneurs, #smallbiz and #smallbusiness are a great way to make a mark on Twitter. These hashtags help you build your networks with peers, get feedback on pressing questions and find the latest research. The hashtags are a good choice for sharing and finding quick facts, useful statistics and marketing to other business owners.

#NameofYourCompany, #YourTagline

Custom hashtags make it easier to watch for conversations about your brand and products online – and have the potential for a branded promotional campaign. Branded hashtags are an essential part of your strategy that can help you get new customers and encourage people to engage with you. The trick is to have a hashtag that resonates and is easy to remember. Customers may use your tagline when they’re talking about your product. Monitor brand and tagline mentions to always be aware of what people are discussing about you.

 #sales and #marketing

As a business owner, it’s critical that you stay up to date on the latest selling techniques. Especially when you’re active online, what’s working changes at lightning speed. Books on digital marketing are generally out of date by the time they’re published. Following hashtags like #sales and #marketing will let you follow the trends on what’s working right now and can inspire you to experiment with different approaches.


If you have a business with a physical location or that serves customers in a specific location, you might want to try the hashtag #shoplocal. It will connect you with plenty of people who are in close proximity to your business, especially when paired with location hashtags like #SFO. It helps you connect with people looking for your services or products in your area. #shoplocal also works the other way: It helps your target audience feel like they’re part of your community and they’ll want to build you up.


Promotions capture shoppers’ attention. Here, you might want to use two hashtags, one which is #promotion and the other which is #whatyou’reoffering. For example, if you’re selling cupcakes, go for #promotion and #freecupcake. Now all someone has to do is come to you and tell you they saw your ad on Twitter. Committed bargain hunters and people curious about new products often use Twitter in this way. Clever hashtag promotions can draw in new customers and increase your discoverability.

#recruiting, #jobs

Social recruiting is one of the hottest trends influencing the world of talent, and business owners are jumping on the bandwagon to hire for open positions. Whether you’re looking to hire seasonal workers or more technical savvy senior talent, hashtags like #recruiting and #jobs help capture the attention of talent on the move. Try combining these with hashtags in the field that you’re hiring, such as #writing #jobs or #recruiting #developers.


You’ll be amazed at how often people search for #inspiration on Twitter. As a small business, #inspiration gives you a chance to come up with something completely inspiring about your business and share it, which will lead people to you. For example, if you’re in the fitness industry, you might share quotes about not quitting or tips for getting fit. Find a way to connect an inspiring quote to your business mission and choose something that will resonate with your audience.

#startuplife, #hustle

Sometimes being a business owner gets to you and you just need someone who understands to listen. “Working until 2am again, #startuplife” is an example of the commiseration that happens around these hashtags. Some of the most popular include #startuplife, #hustle and #workhardplayhard. Whether you want to see what other business owners are up to or generate a little support, explore the communities that follow these hashtags for your daily dose of the entrepreneurial life.

One final note of caution on hashtags. They can be a great way to join the conversation on topics that matter to your business and increase your content’s visibility. It’s important that the content you share be on message and relevant to the hashtag. Don’t spam potential followers will information that’s not relevant or you could lose out on positive press mentions, customers and more.

Do you have a hashtag that you love to follow to get the latest info or use to connect with your customers? Let us know what’s working for you in the comments below or join the conversation on our #socialmedia channels!