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Top Three Reasons Your Business Should Have A Lawyer Handy

By: The Priori Legal Team

Ever heard the saying it’s hard to put toothpaste back in tube?


It’s hard to send a lawsuit or dispute back to where it came from. Instead of panicking after a crisis, prepare before one to avoid it altogether or mitigate the consequences. A lawyer you know and trust, and who understands your business structure and goals is the best preventive medicine. Here are our top 3 reasons why having a lawyer handy at all times can help your business thrive:


Lawyers anticipate.


Lawyers are like ninjas: they anticipate what’s coming next and help you figure out how to prepare. Whether it’s drafting a contract with a vendor or partner, identifying what intellectual property you have and strategizing how to protect it, evaluating your proposed advertising materials and consumer products or managing an, ahem, situation with a cofounder, employee or investor, lawyers have seen it all before. And they can set you up for success by building a strong foundation, advising you to avoid precarious decisions and alerting you to possible risks on the horizon.


Your business is unique; your legal advice should be, too.  


With the reams of legal advice and documents on the internet today, it’s easy to think finding a few cookie-cutter contract templates will suffice. But don’t be fooled. Most contracts and documents need to be customized to suit your particular business, plans and concerns. The DIY route can be the most expensive decision you’ve ever made. For instance, trademark applications come back with office actions (we see this, regularly), terms and conditions appropriated from someone else’s site used on yours put you in a compromised position because they don’t cover what your business actually does or contracts you edited ever-so-slightly change more of the meaning than you intended. All of these will require the expensive TLC of a lawyer to fix—instead, having a lawyer who understands your unique business from go can keep costs way down in the long run.


When the chaos starts, you need a trusted practitioner.


First thing’s first, you want a lawyer to make sure your business has a solid foundation. That being said, the other shoe can drop at any time. You need to fire someone. You’re getting sued. The health department is on your back. You don’t want to start scrambling around for someone who doesn’t get the ins and outs of your company. First, that’s precious time you don’t have. Second, in a pinch, you might not make the best thought-out decision about whom to hire. Finally, you want someone who isn’t starting from square one, but who is already familiar with your business. When you have a trusted lawyer a phone call away, explaining the problem is easy and fixing it is quicker and cheaper. Don’t call in just anyone during the worst of times; speak with a lawyer who’s been there from the start.


Bottom line…


Having a trusted lawyer with whom you have an ongoing relationship can pay dividends down the road.  At Priori, we’ve built out a network of vetted legal professionals who serve small businesses at discounted rates and flat fees. Come check us out for a complimentary consultation today.



Priori is the easiest place for small businesses to find, hire and work with the best lawyers.  We are a curated online marketplace that connects businesses with a network of vetted lawyers at below-market, transparent rates and exclusive fixed fees. Each lawyer is rigorously evaluated before being admitted to our network, with an overall admissions rate of 20%. You can find them at PrioriLegal.com.