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Trivia: As of January 2010, is America’s largest online retailer. Which company that deals with office suppliers is the runner-up?

A: Staples Inc.

Staples Inc. is the second largest online retailer behind Amazon, and this is probably due to their expansion into offering all kinds of different products for businesses. They have everything from coffee to toilet paper, and mannequins and even dog biscuits. There are now over 400 thousand products available online through the Staples website and they are adding more products everyday. There has been a huge shift in the industry from brick and mortar to Ecommerce, meaning more and more businesses are ordering all of their supplies online. Now, due to these industry trends, Staples has decided to provide everything any type of business could need, with next day delivery. They work very closely with businesses of all types, especially small businesses. They even offer flexibility when it comes to purchasing in that you can have it delivered or order online and pick up in store. Staples Inc. is working tirelessly to make the life of small business owners easier by giving them a one-stop shop for all their business and office supply needs.


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