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The UPS Store Small Business Solutions

UPS Store

by Brandon Olson

Small businesses represent more than 99 percent of businesses in the U.S. So it may seem they would have a wealth of resources to turn to for support. Yet the majority say they feel alone, according to a study the UPS Store.

In the study, small business owners indicated that they feel they don’t always have the level of support they need to cope with their daily challenges. As a business made of locally-owned franchises, The UPS Store provides small business owners with that support through a diverse array of solutions.

Small Business Solutions Portal

The UPS Store Small Business Solutions portal gives small business owners access to the help they need in one convenient online destination. The portal allows small business owners to focus on what they do best while leveraging the expertise of service providers like Kabbage, that help their businesses. It gives small business owners access to exclusive offers in key areas of their business from service providers like Kabbage.

Free Marketing Assessment Tool

Additionally, a marketing assessment tool developed jointly by The UPS Store and SCORE, a non-profit organization that provides mentoring and education for small businesses, helps small business owners develop and implement successful marketing strategies for their unique business needs based on recipes contained within the SCORE Cookbook.

Small Biz Buzz

The UPS Store has developed a private online community for small business owners, Small Biz Buzz. The community allows small business owners to provide feedback about The UPS Store’s products and services, contribute to future development, and join with The UPS Store in meeting small business owners’ specifics needs. In return, small business owners are given access to exclusive content, speakers, products and information to improve their everyday efforts.

The UPS Store Small Business Solutions

The UPS Store offers a range of services tailored to meet the needs of small businesses in all stages of the business lifecycle. Small business owners can not only receive well-recognized services like packing and shipping, printing, faxing, direct mail and mailbox services, but The UPS Store will also work with business owners to develop custom solutions to ensure their unique business needs are met.