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What A Garage Sale Can Teach You About Sales Tactics

Can running your business like a garage sale be the key to success? It is definitely a possibility. Garage and yard sales can teach a small business owner a lot about the ins and outs of handling their products and services. The most important thing you can learn from a garage sale is how to save money and run your business more cost-effectively. After all, the whole point of a garage sale is to find the most perfect deal on a unique prize.


So let’s go through some of the similarities between garage sales and small business sales tactics!



Nothing brings customers to your door faster than a bargain. Think of all those markdown sales that lure customers through the door. A garage sale basically does the same thing!


Plus, when you’re looking for items for your online store, you look for those deals, too! A good business owner should be able to bargain and find the best deals for his or her business. Any experienced garage seller will tell you it’s all about finding great deals on your inventory!



Having a garage sale is a lot like having a seasonal sale at a small business. The first step is always promotion. How often do you see signs posted to trees, street lamps, and street signs for a big yard or garage sale in your neighborhood with basic information like location, times, and dates?


Small business owners, you need to do the same! Promote yourselves in the same exact way, especially in your largest market – local communities and neighborhoods. So go out and advertise your small business by posting flyers at community centers, other businesses, and even on random corners! It’s a great way to get yourself recognized and ingrain yourself within your community.



A big part of having a successful garage sale is finding the perfect location, not necessarily the easiest and most convenient location for you. Although your front yard or driveway may be the easiest pick, it can be inconvenient for potential customers and end up leaving you with a yard full of unwanted merchandise. This same principal also applies to small businesses because location is one of the most important factors to your success. You want to pick a location that will get customers into your business to buy your product or service, so be sure to research your target demographic and all the potential locations to find the right fit for you.



No business can run successfully without amazing employees who work hard. Finding the right people to work for your business can be tricky because you want to find people who can make a sale and who keep your customers happy and comfortable. The same goes for a garage sale. You cannot possible have a garage sale without help! You or some family members must be present to make sales and keep an eye on inventory. As a business owner, you will also need help. It’s almost impossible to do everything yourself, so whether it be from a family member, friends, or people who respond to ads, find the right employees and train them well.


Having the right employees is just the first step in running a successful business. The next step is engaging with your customers once they have made it to you. Garage sales are all about bargaining, chatting, and convincing someone that buying your used goods for a under marked price is well worth it. Running a business is all about gaining your clients’ trust and using that to get them to use your product or service. There are many ways you can engage your customer, including social media channels and in person. When a customer is in your store, be sure to talk to them, ask them what they are looking for and how you can help!


Setting up the perfect garage sale is basically a science. You don’t want to have a scattered, cluttered mess that scares people away rather than inviting them in. Otherwise, you won’t make any money. Your business and store also have to be set up properly so that your customers feel comfortable and can effectively find what they are looking for. If you own a retail business, this means you want to set up your store with a certain flow to draw your consumer in and make them buy more. If you run a corporate business, this means having your company set up in different departments so that clients know exactly where to go to fulfill their needs.


Running a garage sale is a lot like running a small business because you have to be very customer focused. Now, most people do not own and run their own small businesses, but a lot of people have had successful garage sales. So if you are looking into starting a business or moving your business out of a slump, look too garage sales. They move inventory like no other, so they must be doing something right!’


What other tips do you think small business owners could learn from garage sales? Share below!


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