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What is Level Up and Should Your Business Use It?

What is Level Up and Should Your Business Use It?

Are you ready to LevelUp? If you are a restaurant owner or manager, it’s time to explore what LevelUp can do for your business.

LevelUp is a cross between a mobile payment processor and a loyalty rewards service. With more than 14,000 businesses now on LevelUp, it’s a growing contender in the mobile processing business.

How does it work?

Imagine your company only accepts cash payments at the moment. With LevelUp, you can start receiving payments directly from your customers’ smartphones. You can also use LevelUp to run coupon and loyalty campaigns to attract new customers from the 1.5 million LevelUp consumers who use the app to find nearby restaurants.

5 Reasons to LevelUp

  1. Mobile Payments

As we mentioned above, one of the greatest benefits for merchants is the ability to use LevelUp to process mobile payments. Customers connect their credit and/or debit card to the LevelUp app, then use their Apple, Android or Windows phone to make payments with a LevelUp scanner or tablet. As a consumer, it took me less than two minutes to get started with LevelUp.

  1. In-Depth Customer Analytics

Even before you sign up, LevelUp offers powerful analytics to help you understand your customer base. I live on the far north side of Chicago. Out of curiosity, I put in a nearby restaurant to see how many LevelUp users are in my area. To my surprise, I discovered there were 35,828 LevelUp users in roughly a 2-mile square radius.

LevelUp also shares your customer data with you, so you can learn more about your customers’ buying habits. This is something larger processors like Visa and MasterCard do not do. The data is so granular that you can start looking at sales and traffic breakdown in your store by days of the week and hours of the day.

  1. Loyalty and Rewards

According to CNN, LevelUp saves consumers an average of $25 per month. A large part of this is attributed to special offers that merchants can offer their customers directly through the app. Unlike Square and PayPal who act solely as payment processors, LevelUp also provides a loyalty rewards program. For example, one of the cafes in my area offers a $1 coupon for the first visit.

I haven’t been there before, but I am always on the lookout for good cafes. Once I spend $30 at this location, I get a $3 coupon. Multiply this effect among the roughly 35,000 residents in my area, and you see the true power of LevelUp.

Finally, companies only pay when customers checkout using the LevelUp app. LevelUp charges a 25 percent fee for the incentive being offered. In the case of the café I mentioned above, LevelUp receives $.25 from the $1 discount on a $3-4 Cup of Joe.

That is partly why salad and sandwich shop Sebastians uses the service. The six store chain now has over 2,200 customers using LevelUp to pay. These clients spend more per visit at the restaurant than non-LevelUp users.

  1. Never Worry About a Chargeback

This might be my favorite benefit of using LevelUp. They have a unique security model, which allows them to stand behind every transaction they process. As they state on their website, “Credit card processors reserve the right to change their mind on payments up to 60-90 days later with huge chargeback fees and little room to dispute. This can often be as much as 0.5% of total volume (chargebacks and fees included).”

LevelUp does not require you to pay back chargebacks. Instead, they take the payment loss out of their own pocket. You receive the money the next day, and it is yours. No need to worry for the next 60-90 days.


  1. Remove the Paper

LevelUp allows you to complete transactions electronically via consumers’ mobile devices and your tablet or LevelUp scanner. You don’t have to print paper receipts, which makes your business greener.

Final Thoughts

A company like LevelUp only gets better as it gets bigger. The mobile processing company has a lot of room for growth. Get it today before all of your competitors jump on the bandwagon.

Will you give LevelUp a try? Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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