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Women Truckers on Instagram Who Are Breaking the Mold

Women Truckers on Instagram Who Are Breaking the Mold

The vast majority of goods and even a fair number of business services bought and sold in the U.S. are serviced by the trucking industry. Though traditionally thought of as a male-dominated industry, women are making inroads, breaking the mold and thriving as professional truck drivers. We are not saying that driving a truck is the road to fame and fortune, but you might be surprised to know that eight very famous movie stars were once truck drivers:

  • Sean Connery (also the son of a truck driver)
  • Elvis Presley
  • Charles Bronson
  • Viggo Mortensen
  • Liam Neeson
  • James Cameron
  • Chevy Chase
  • Rock Hudson

Besides their claims to fame and stardom, do you notice anything else about this list? They are all male. Trucking has been a historically male-dominated industry, but that doesn’t mean women have been absent in the transportation industry.

Notably, Mary Fields, a.k.a. “Stagecoach Mary,” was not only a woman but an African-American and just the second woman to join the U.S. Postal service in 1892. Luella Bates is believed to be the first female truck driver of the modern era, receiving her license in 1920. During World War II, many more women would make their way into the trucking industry, helping to keep American goods moving while their husbands were far from home.

Like their male counterparts, women truck drivers have to be prepared for anything the open road might throw at them. From bad weather to washouts to traffic chokepoints, they might have to solve any number of challenges on the fly on any given day. We have a great deal of admiration for pioneers, including women who are breaking stereotypes and finding success, adventure and making good money in the trucking industry. We tracked down some of these remarkable women truckers on Instagram so we could shine the spotlight on these extraordinary hard-working ladies.

10 of Our Favorite Women Truckers of Instagram

A little dust on the china cabinet might make you crazy, but as @truckindiva_quizzzz recently pointed out, a little dust in the trailer can wreck your whole day.


@wildflowergirlx gives cold a whole new meaning. We are pretty sure that a trucker girl’s ice scraper had better come in two sizes: heavy duty and extra-heavy duty!


Busted! @alyciajane96 decided to skip out on studying for exams to hit the road with her dad, instead. But let’s face it, a girl this smart isn’t going to have any trouble in school.


We’re pretty sure that fringe doesn’t come as a standard option for most big rigs! Proving that semi truck cabs don’t have to be boring and industrial, @rickraff30 is ready to roll.


Traditional work days might last eight hours, but for women in trucking, an eight-hour shift is just the break time they take between their real work days, which can last much, much longer. @vanella_truckergal_niners9eva reminds us that if we bought it at a store, chances are there is a trucker to thank, and we’re thankful!

vanella_truckergal_niners4ever_long_day_redefined (1)

“Now that’s a dashboard.” @onegirltrucking offers a unique view of the open road and a dashboard that a rocket scientist might be hard-pressed to master. In another post, she offers up these rules of the road. “When it is 68° on November 2 in Minnesota, it is mandatory to roll the windows down, turn the tunes up, smile into the sun and be thankful for that big ‘ol hood out in front of you (and everything else good in your life).” Well said, we couldn’t agree more!


All lit up and nowhere to go? No way! @mslento of K J Secontte Transport and her well-lit rig are ready to hit the road.


Trucker girls aren’t only about transportation, some of them tow, too. @vrock_ took a few minutes to visit this sweet little ice cream shop while on the go.


Demonstrating that there is artistry involved in the trucking industry, @thecraftytrucker shared this shot of the road that is well-worth framing.


@trucking_divas_rock puts the spotlight on women truckers all the time! They recently gave a shout out to new driver Elle Thomas who is just embarking on her career and Angela Robinson who is well on her way to becoming a trainer herself.

Elle Thomas

Elle Thomas

Angela Robinson

Angela Robinson

The U.S. trucking industry is alive and well, in part because of the amazing women who are choosing careers in trucking and logistics. We want to thank female truckers for all they do to keep goods moving throughout the country for the good of the economy and consumers.

What about you? Are you a woman in the trucking industry or another male-dominated industry? We would love to hear from you if you have challenged the status quo or have advice for women coming into the industry. Leave a comment below or tweet us at @KabbageInc – we’d love to hear from you!

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