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5 Reasons Why You Need to Turn Yelp Into Your Five-Star Friend [INFOGRAPHIC]

For some time, Yelp has received backlash from small businesses owners who have their business featured as a location on the site to review – some businesses have even started posting anti-Yelp signs in their establishment or promoting ‘Hate us on Yelp’ campaigns. Many small business owners have complained about Yelp threatening to harm their online reputation unless they buy ads. However, the Appeals Court recently ruled that these types of sales tactics do not constitute illegal activity, and the Court approved this type of “hard sell” Yelp sales strategies. There was also a decision to allow Yelp to continue filtering reviews using their ‘top-secret’ algorithm, which many business owners have spoken out against the company and banded together with their customers in the hopes of making Yelp reviews insignificant.

All of these rulings and tactics have left a bad Yelp taste in small business owners mouths, but unfortunately for those who’ve decided to turn against the site and thumb their nose at it, Yelp reviews still really do matter. Twenty-two percent of small business owners have never even looked at their Yelp page – and who knows how many others have abandoned maintaining it in the recent anti-Yelp sentiments. But, we put together an infographic that explains why Yelp matters, how it can help grow your business, and why you should still pay attention to Yelp today.

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