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What to Do When You’re Discouraged and Unmotivated

What to Do When You’re Discouraged and Unmotivated

Small business owners are often thought of as being the most passionate, hard-working and constantly optimistic people in the world – and most of the time, they are! But even the most hopeful and energetic small business owners will occasionally encounter times in life where they feel discouraged and unmotivated. Whether it’s slowing sales, challenges in your personal life or just a general sense of losing passion and purpose for your business, every business owner will confront situations where they feel like they’re low on energy and uncertain of what to do next.


This blog article by Marc Chernoff on the Marc & Angel Hack Life blog offers some great tips on how to bounce back and regain your sense of motivation. Some of the best advice includes:


Take One Step at a Time

Sometimes business owners get overwhelmed by trying to do too much – but remember: you don’t have to solve all of your problems and make all of your decisions at once.


Remember Your “Backpack”

Whether you realize it or not, you are already carrying a special “backpack” of external support – the people who love you and want you to succeed.


Be Mindful and Present

In addition to your external support, regaining motivation is often a matter of tapping into your internal sources of energy by being present in the moment, mindful and grateful.


To read more about how to regain your motivation, read this blog article from Marc Chernoff.