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Bob Sharpe

Chief Operating Officer

When you're a self-proclaimed “motor head” from Detroit like Robert Sharpe, you have an innate passion for understanding how things operate and for making them work even better.

Bob has specialized in transforming, integrating and growing companies for over 20 years. He has led more than 30 mergers and acquisitions, delivering both external and organic growth while expanding market positions and deepening customer relationships.

Beginning his career in commercial banking and corporate finance, Bob also spent time in aerospace before transitioning to consumer packaged goods. He built Europe’s leading processed meats company and one of the world’s leading fresh bakery companies. A true globalist, Bob has worked on five continents and lived in two during his tenures as president of International Operations for Smithfield Foods Inc.; president, CEO and board member of Groupe Smithfield SL; CEO and board member of Campofrio Food Group SA; president, CEO and board member of CSM Bakery Solutions LLC; and president and COO of National DCP, LLC.

Now as the Chief Operating Officer for Kabbage, Bob is responsible for Kabbage's continued growth and operational oversight and leads efforts to sharpen internal processes and productivity as the company continues to scale. His focus is fostering communication and collaboration and yielding even greater results from Kabbage's rapid pace and entrepreneurial energy.

Bob joins Rob and Kathryn at Kabbage in their vision of utilizing an automated platform, continuous data connectivity and innovative products to fuel small business success. He also places great importance on the culture of a workplace and was drawn to Kabbage for its fun, innovative and collaborative vibe.

When he's not helping Rob and Kathryn define a clear path for success, Bob likes to ski or spend time on the water with his wife and two sons. His favorite small business is Atlanta Metro Detail, where Zak always exceeds customer expectations while generously contributing to his community.