Connect your customers with purchase financing

Integrate a Kabbage Funding™ payment button at checkout, and your business customers can apply for up to $150,000 of funding.*

  • Implement quickly.

    Integrate our technology into your checkout process in a few easy steps.

  • Minimize drop-off.

    Kabbage Funding is integrated at the point of purchase, so customers never leave the checkout process.

  • Increase upselling opportunities.

    Remove financial barriers to selling additional products and services.

  • Give customers more options.

    Businesses can qualify for up to $150,000 for purchases with your company and for other needs.

  • Receive revenues right away.

    Kabbage Funding will pay you directly for the amount of the purchase.

How it works for your customers

  • Apply in as little as minutes.

    At checkout, they apply for Kabbage Funding by securely linking business accounts.

  • Get a quick decision.

    They’ll know how much funding they can access.

  • Finance orders.

    Customers use credit to pay for purchases with your brand and repay Kabbage for up to six months.

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