Kabbage Insights™

Concentrate on
your cash flow

Make smart decisions with Kabbage Insights1—a free service that focuses on cash flow.

American Express

The benefits of Kabbage™ with the power of American Express

With the powerful backing of American Express, Kabbage offers a broader set of cash flow management tools to millions of businesses.

Cash flow management at a glance

  • Your linked business accounts—in one place

    Get a quick picture of your business finances—money in, money out.

  • Recognize patterns

    Use data based on your linked business accounts and, over time,  anticipate cash flow ups and downs.

  • Make a plan

    Prepare for future events with features like balance forecasts.

  • Link Accounts with Confidence

    When you link your accounts, Kabbage does not store your external login credentials.

Have questions about Kabbage Insights?

Check out our FAQs for more information about how Kabbage Insights works.

  • Kabbage Insights is a free and powerful analytics tool that helps small businesses make financial decisions more quickly and confidently. Insights analyzes businesses’ ongoing transactional data to provide them with visibility into their historic, current and future cash flow positions. This information is based on connections to accounts shared by the business and other inputs available to Kabbage.

  • Kabbage’s technology looks at your historic income and expense trends from your connected accounts. Based on this, we’ll let you know if it appears you’re at risk of falling below your balance benchmark, which you determine when you sign up. To make this is as accurate and useful as possible, connect all of the bank accounts you use for business transactions. You must have at least 90 days of historical data so that we can generate accurate projections.

  • Right now, you can connect your business bank accounts to Kabbage Insights. In the future, you’ll be able to add additional accounts, like PayPal, to get a more complete picture of your cash flow. We're also exploring how to integrate with solutions like QuickBooks.

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