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Jim Chou

Head of Technology

For the past 20 years, Jim Chou’s career has been shaped by his ability to identify industry and technological trends and leverage them for customers’ benefit.

Beginning in electrical engineering, Jim has worked on products for a range of companies, including Apple, Accenture and JP Morgan. His tenure also includes roles with a number of startups, where he gained an appreciation for the importance of building customers’ trust through experiences that are simple, powerful and secure.

Prior to joining Kabbage, Jim served as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of WorkMarket, a SaaS labor cloud platform, where he drove key product innovations including their native mobile apps and machine learning on big data. Previously, he was the CTO of Shutterstock, where he oversaw more than 30 agile teams with a focus on their data-driven technology platform. As CTO for American Greetings, he was responsible for enterprise architecture and product innovations, leading to the company’s inclusion in the InformationWeek 500 List of Top Innovators.
Jim joined Kabbage to play a key role in the remarkable transformation happening in FinTech. As the internet becomes even more connected, Jim wants to enable small businesses with all the technological capabilities of an enterprise. His focus is advancing Kabbage’s core technology to the next generation and furthering the company’s connected data platform to support customers’ growth.

When he’s not building technologies that help businesses grow, Jim enjoys traveling and DSLR photography. An avid runner and participant in triathlons, he’s looking forward to finding a favorite running route in Atlanta. His favorite small business is Papaya King – a small frankfurter shop that started in New York City in 1932.