Kabbage Card

The freedom offlexibility is here.

The Kabbage Card1 is tied to your business's Kabbage account, letting you access your business line of credit2 the moment you need capital3.

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Kabbage Card

The convenience of a card.The benefits of a loan.

Kabbage Card
Take exactly what you need

When you use the Kabbage Card, you take a loan from your business's available loan funds for the exact amount of the purchase.

Funding at your fingertips

Each transaction creates a new, six-month loan with the same fees and terms as your business's other six-month loans.

Never miss out when you're on the go

The Kabbage Card is ready whenever you need to pay an online bill, secure great inventory pricing, cover an unexpected expense or take advantage of a timely opportunity.

Additional access with no additional risk4

There are no additional fees or costs to use. Like other Kabbage loans, using the card won't impact your credit.

Using the Kabbage Card

Purchase inventory

Whether you're stocking up for your busiest season or you come across pricing you can't pass up, you can access your funds at a moment's notice with Kabbage Card.

Repair equipment

Be ready with extra funding when you need to repair or replace equipment that's vital to running your business.

Cover expenses

From paying bills online to managing unexpected expenses, the Kabbage Card helps you manage the ups and downs of running your small business.

Take advantage

When your next big opportunity comes up, you'll be ready to invest in your business with immediate access to your line of credit through the Kabbage Card.

Get my card

Computer login


Log into Kabbage to request that a Kabbage Card be mailed to you.

Activate card


Once you receive your card, activate it online through the Kabbage dashboard.

Purchasing with Kabbage Card


Access the exact amount of loan funding you need anywhere VISA is accepted.

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Log into Kabbage to request that a Kabbage Card be mailed to you.

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Apply online by connecting your business information. You'll know right away how much funding your business can access.5

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