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Kevin Phillips

Head of Corporate Development

Having worked with Kevin Phillips for nearly 15 years, Rob Frohwein knew whom to call when he wanted to provide additional structure to the newly formed Kabbage. After spending a few weeks consulting for the business, Kevin fell in love with its people, passion and product and joined the team full-time as Chief Information Officer.

He served as the lead architect for the Kabbage Platform before transitioning to Chief Financial Officer, where he oversaw Kabbage's finance and accounting teams. Now Head of Corporate Development, Kevin is responsible for the planning and execution of the company's strategic initiatives.

Before his time with Kabbage, Kevin spent nearly 20 years building shareholder value in the U.S. and Europe through technology and finance roles. He has held leadership positions in a number of high-growth companies, including serving as Chief Information Officer of S1 Corporation and as Chief Financial Officer of FX Bridge Technologies.

Kevin is a self-proclaimed foodie, photographer and pilot. He's licensed to fly high-performance aircraft and makes a point to snap pictures using his Nikon D7000 whenever he travels.

Kevin's favorite small business is Lake Aero Styling and Repair.