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Kabbage surveyed small businesses, and the responses all pointed to one thing: regardless of the industry, being a small business owner requires incredible hustle and sacrifice.

Small businesses are #OurMotivation, so we're recognizing their perseverance and celebrating their dedication.

did you know?


of all small business owners expect to increase revenue by the end of the year


say they take one vacation per year; and, when on vacation, 75 percent still work


will invest surplus cash into their business rather than pay themselves (21 percent)


of small business owners work more than 50 hours per week; 86 percent work on the weekends

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Our chance to give back


HairZing / Oakland, CA

"There are really only three things that any small business needs: you need a support system to get you through; you need customers to buy your product...and you need capital. Capital is the oxygen of business, and that’s what keeps you going. A company like ours would have gone under had we not had working capital. We would have closed, and Kabbage kept us alive."

Seasoned entrepreneur Francesca is the inventor and owner of HairZing. She and family have sacrificed everything from vacations to their entire life savings to see their small business succeed.

Francesca owned two successful companies – including one bought by Newell-Rubbermaid – before launching HairZing. While the patent for the product was pending, a larger company began copying her products.

Watch the video about how Francesca and her family persevered through court cases and legal fees and to see the surprise Kabbage unveiled to give back, celebrating her determination and to recognize her family’s sacrifices.

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