Tom Anderson

“If you have the option to open a business checking account, or switch to one with better terms, I think it’s a no-brainer. I’ve tried multiple accounts, and for me, Kabbage Checking™ can’t be beat. It’s the best I’ve found so far.”

Tom Anderson, NYT Bestselling Author & Former Financial Advisor
*Real customer aware his story will appear in advertising

NYT Bestselling Author & Former Financial Advisor, Tom Anderson, Manages Separate Income Stream With Kabbage Checking

From large corporate entities to everyday consumers, Tom Anderson’s roster of clients span the entire spectrum. As a former executive at major investment firms, Tom touts an expertise in wealth management that speaks for itself – and has even earned him a New York Times’ bestselling author cred for his works, The Value of Debt and Money Without Boundaries.

Amidst running, Tom maintains a steady schedule of public speaking events where he trains financial advisors. In response to the interest generated from his speaking events, Tom quickly branched into consulting. What immediately followed was the need to establish an LLC and find the right tools to support it.


Crossing t’s and dotting i’s

With a new income stream showing no signs of slowing down, Tom’s next crucial move was to open a business checking account for his LLC, Thomas J. Anderson Consulting. “I can’t stress enough the importance of creating an LLC for consulting work and opening a business checking account for it. From tracking expenses to assuring tax compliance and reducing liabilities, the clear benefits make it a no-brainer.” With that in mind, Tom set out to find the best solution for his business.

After assessing a landscape of business checking accounts, Tom settled on Kabbage Checking*. “In my experience, business accounts have historically been expensive and complicated to set up,” says Tom. “The Kabbage Checking account checks every box – it’s fast, easy, available online, and best of all no monthly fees.” A streamlined onboarding process, intuitive interface, and ability to save Reserves were just a few features that sealed the deal for Tom. “I’ve tried multiple business checking accounts, and for me, Kabbage Checking can’t be beat. It’s the best I’ve found so far.”

*The Kabbage Checking account is provided by Green Dot Bank.


Keeping things in check

Nowadays, Tom’s multiple ventures continue to keep him busy. Although speaking events have slowed down and turned virtual due to COVID-19, Tom still has fun working as a consultant, and enjoys the structure his Kabbage Checking account has provided for his business. “Small businesses, side hustles, or anything in between – you should have a checking account like this.”

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