Jacie Dunkle

“I didn’t want to be 60 years old and say, ‘Oh why didn’t I do that?’ So I made a huge career change and decided to go for it.”

Jacie Dunkle

Traditional Flavors Meet Modern Entrepreneurship in Tin Whistle Irish Pub

After opening her first restaurant in 2004, Jacie Dunkle had a taste for the restaurateur life. With a desire to combine her passion for all things Irish with a new restaurant concept, Jacie set to work opening Tin Whistle, an Irish pub in Charlottesville, Virginia.

“I didn’t want to be 60 years old and say, ‘Oh why didn’t I do that?’ So I made a huge career change and decided to go for it.”

With her business partner, Richard Lange (who just so happens to play in an Irish band, and share Jacie’s love for Celtic life), Jacie worked to create a space that pays homage to Ireland. “I feel like if you’re going to have a restaurant that has a culture to it, then you need to be true to that.” Jacie says. “We have good Irish music, bangers and mash, Guinness, gravy and mashed potatoes.

Facing Unique Challenges with Some Untraditional Solutions

Though Jacie had opened two restaurants already, Tin Whistle presented its own series of challenges. “When I signed the lease, it wasn’t a restaurant. So I had to have a bar built and a kitchen built, and it was a bit overwhelming.”

The unexpected expenses, as they tend to do, kept popping up.

“There were particular pieces of equipment I needed and some plumbing that had to be done. The maintenance of the equipment is also challenging—things that are commercial are very expensive.”

Jacie’s credit card bills continued going up, until she found Kabbage in an email offer.

Initially intrigued by Kabbage’s low interest rates and easy monthly payments, it was the ease of use and quick turnaround that most impressed Jacie.

Working with a Team to Build a Community

“I can do it online. It’s very convenient and very easy,” Jacie says. Jacie has been able to use Kabbage funds to cover the costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment, as well as the other expenses restaurants tend to build up.

“They tell me how much money I can borrow, and it’s in my bank within a day or two. It’s just easy, convenient funding and easy payback­­—and no penalty for an early pay.”

For many small business owners, borrowing money at all can feel like something you should try not to do. Jacie was looking for money than simply a loan, she was looking for a partner in business. “It feels just like another partnership between me, my other partner, and Kabbage. We’re all in this together.”

As Tin Whistle grows and continues to serve more customers, Jacie knows Kabbage will be a continued part of its success. “I do believe as long as I own a restaurant, Kabbage will be a very important part of its growth.”

Business Facts

Year established: 2014

Type: Restaurant

Location: Charlottesville, Virginia

Businesses: 2

Growth: 2nd restaurant opened in 2016

Kabbage customer since: 2016

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